Thursday, February 09, 2006


The first beach I visited with my friends in Goa was Baina Beach. It’s in Vasco-Da-Gama which is the nearest town from our campus. This beach is not for surfing or bathing, but only to enjoy the waves from far. That was the first and the last time we went there.

Next was Palelem. It is of course a very good beach, among the best beaches in Goa. We were around 15 friends, which made the trip even more interesting. The long journey of three and a half hours, had made us tired, but on seeing the beach, all our tiredness flew away. A sudden energy ran through out our body and all of us raced towards the beach with towels and swimming shorts.

We had a flying disc to play inside the water. After almost two hours inside the ocean, we saw two-three foreigners playing volley ball in the beach, they had a net and everything ready.

We challenged them for a match. None of us is a good volley ball player, yet for fun we did that. They called their friends and we were ready. The match was quite interesting as well as the conversation. Most of them were from Israel. We lost, 23-25, but gave them a good fight.

We had lunch in the nearby hotel, some seafoods and then back again in the water.

We were in no mood to go back, but we had no other choice, we had to reach our college by 8.30 pm.
All of us reached in time, but were left too tired and the very thought that we have to attend classes next morning were making us to die.

This journey was a great fun.

Next was Kalangoote Beach. This beach was familiar to me. I had already come to this beach with family when I was in tenth standard. People call it ‘queen of beaches’, and I think they are right. The waves are really high, and that time it was too much, sometimes water passed above our heads.

The trip to Kalangoote was more memorable than Palalem. The evening before going there, I, Lokesh, Soumyadeep and Ashok were in Panjim doing some shopping. We decided to hire two bikes, for 24 hrs. It was exciting, a Pulsar and a Libero. I drove the pulsar as I have it in my home. Soumyadeep was my pillion driver. Ashok was with Lokesh. So from Panjim we came back by bike.

At first we were in doubt whether the college main gate keeper would allow us to enter the campus with bike. But they allowed and we were inside. We roamed the entire campus with bike and then parked it in the garage near medical centre. Next early morning all of we friends left for Kalangoote.

Four persons were on bike and rest by bus.
On reaching Panjim , Pranjal took one more bike on rent and Prannoy joined him. So we were six on three bikes and the rest used bus. We reached Kalangoote and as I said earlier it was wonderful!

I remembered the place, the hotel in which I stayed the food shop and everything. But this time I was with my friends and on bike,
The joy of beach cannot be described much, the waves and the sun…it is left on the imagination of the readers.

While returning we stopped in between if we see anything good. Since we had bike we also visited Dauna -Paula. We returned the bike in Panjim and then returned back with other friends.

In between we were caught twice by traffic police. Once while we overtook on the bridge and second when he checked the license, (I had arranged for the license but it was only for car.) but the matter was settled on giving some money.

After the end of 1st semester, before going back to home, we visited Miamar beach, we didn’t have a bath there yet we enjoyed sight seeing...

And the last is Kolba beach, it was in the starting of 2nd semester. This beach is the longest beach in Goa, or may be in India. We had a rubber ball and we played some game inside the water.

As it was the beginning of the new semester, almost the entire campus was there. Classes were going to start, the next day.

Many other great beaches are still left to visit, and once they are completed then comes the churches and the temples.