Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bro, bought me a domain name, so folks, visit

see you there :)
After my above domain name expired, someone else bought it :( So

See you at

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Found it Too Funny

PS : Notice the chest movement in the end ;)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coming Anniversary

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I am IN ;)

Just came back, carrying a CAT form and IMS study package :) and thinking about the 'zero preparation test' which I gave after enrolling today in IMS (correspondence). Surprised ? So am I.

I am in (period), but I don't know when will I get the time to practice and study for CAT. The long office hours, and an hour long traveling, leaves me with no energy. Morning 8 to Night 8 ; I am booked. Now I am left only with weekends. But isn't it unfair to sit at home and study rather than going out, having fun, watching movies during weekends ? Moreover , don't forget that I am an intern, and so I have to study other things too.

Anyways , whatever ! I am in.

Lets open the package now !!! :D :D

Friday, July 25, 2008

Serial Blast Rock Bangalore

Bangalore was today hit by eight serial bomb blasts.

The blasts, which killed two, took place at Adugodi, Madivala, Nayandahalli, Pantharapalya and Vittal Mallya Road within a span of 12 minute.. Read More

I was working on something when my friend pinged me about this news ! At first I thought he is just trying to fool me, but when I checked the NDTV Site, Oh God ! he was right. Few days back the hindu muslim riot and now this serial bomb blast.

But there was also a smile on my face. Being in these kind of situations you get all the attension from your friends, families and well wishers. The area where the blasts took place was very near to my office area, and this further broadened my smile :)

Anyways the smile didn't last long. I got very few calls -- > 1. Mintoo Chacha, 2. Chachi (I am staying with them) 3. and a concerned friend Abhinav (Bhopal). Thats it. No one else :(

Thank God there was no traffic problem in my route (office to home).

PS: I got several online msgs..but that doesn't count :|

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Running Running

Life is not a bed of roses. Things are running pretty fast. And when you are new to the environment, you really have to get yourself running with the same pace.

I am running, running briskly, falling every now and then, yet getting up and running again. And while running I am picking up things, concepts, knowledge and gaining experience which will help me run with the same pace. I won't stop, though falling at every corner, I will keep running, running till I win the race.

And its just the beginning, the main track is still a mile away !

(Those who didn't get this post, read it after newly joining a firm. )

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Missing Something

I am comfortable here. The room is big enough for a single person, and it has everything a bedroom and study room should have. Moreover there is a huge window, providing a nice view of the city and also letting the fresh air and sun come directly in.

Sometimes I use the study table, and sometimes I study on bed. Sometimes I look out through the window and sometimes I just stand in front of the mirror. Something is missing, I know something is definitely missing.....

I am missing my friend's room
I am missing the rooms where I can just walk in
and sit or lie down, as if it is mine!

I am missing the room no 261,
where I can knock and shout 'flying robot, flying robot'.

I am missing the room no 257,
where I can bang open the door, utter few slangs, and ask for a fag,
only to hear an immediate refusal.

I am missing the room no 248 and 239,
which is always locked, either from inside or outside.

I am missing the room no 222,
where I can hear the sound of FRIENDS soap everytime I pass by.

I am missing the room no 223,
where I can go, tease, and then ask doubts.

I am missing the room no 224,225,228 ,
where I can go and plan a 'daru party'.

I am missing room no 229,
on whose door I can kick as hard as I could,
only to hear the angry shout of the friend inside,
or to see his angry face turning into a smiling one.

I am missing room no 339,
where I get new things to eat,
where I can knock before going to any class,
where I can complete all my reports,
and where I can gossip even during exams.

I am missing the room no 342,
where I can peek in , to see what's he doing.

And what I am missing most is the room no 205,
where I can talk hours on phone,
where I can lie down and listen to a song,
where I can fag watching a movie,
where I can connect to myself,
and where I have spent the last 3 years of my life !

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Having Fun

Its almost 11 pm and I am feeling so sleepy (:| I-) For the last few days, I haven't slept properly - workload ;) !! Anyways I am writing this post just to test whether the emoticons are working properly. So I hope you won't mind so many smileys /:)

Oh #-o I forgot to write about a strange thing I saw few days back. I was there, waiting :-w at my bus stop. I was distracted by a noise. It was a cow attending the call of the nature at the middle of the road ;)) . And within a flash came an auto-rickshaw driver, stopped next to the cow, and inserted his hand breaking the flow of the liquid ! I didn't want to see that!. He then poured some of the uric acid over his head =)), and scattered few drops in his auto. I was surprised :-O . I don't know :-?? why he did that. I couldn't think :-? of any reason other than some religious belief. (Sorry God [-O< , it wasn't me who :)) at him)
Doing intern in Yahoo is fun. I am not a nerd :-B and I enjoy the working environment <:-P .Only thing which is a pain in the ass is the traveling part #:-S I hope I will get adjusted to this soon.

(:| I should probably sleep now, the clock is ticking .

Oh I got a call :-c .... :)]

Who else it could be :) :D ;;) >:D< :x :-* :)) \:D/ :) @};- love you too (did I say it loud ? ;) )

Really tired now, good night Bbye :-h

Monday, July 14, 2008


(This is a Password Protected Post. And also this is my first 'PPP' :) Finally my blog will have personal posts too. I am happy. I can express myself more ! )

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friends Speak : Abhinav Pophali

(These are the posts where friends speak about me)

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1. Govil Speaks 2. Ashok Speaks 3. Soumya Speaks 4. Bhamri Speaks 5. Dhruv Speaks

"ANKIT VATSA"...what to say and what not to say about this guy!! When I first met him he seemed like a "lafanga" to me
(thats what normally his first impression is). And then I came to know that along with his good looks the guy has got brain too, and he is a genius in physics. But as they say great minds keep on doing something or the other, so was his case.

There was nothing to do in the first sem and his great mind started working in a mischievous way. That's what earned him a bad reputation in the college.., but mind you half of those who couldn't stand him were jealous of him. After the first sem "VATSA" became a brand name in itself in our campus.

He is very straight forward guy....doesn't give a damn about others and does what he wants and that's what I like about him. I always found this guy good at heart (although many people will disagree with that). The guy's skills have no bounds ( be it painting, photoshop or anything)

Our first meeting was when Adi introduced me to him. I am sure he along with Dhruv and Shomu got an impression of me being a geek. Fir dheere dheere bahut se kaarname kiye janaab ne ( the lipton thing, love letter kaand...saala ek din mein hi itna paagal ho gaya tha ki letter likh diya..voh bhi khoon se..) and he instantly shot to fame.

I don't know how I gelled with this guy....but we soon became good friends...then going to beaches..., playing basketball..., all was fun !!

3rd sem mein me Bhamri and Vatsa and me used to be together a lot. Saath mein mere room pe FRIENDS dekhte the ( that was hell lot of fun and you got me addicted to it)...exams ke samay padhte bhi the. Sometimes we used to sleep off at the same place( three people on the same bed :).). That sem was a lot of fun and gpa's....well 7(vatsa),8(bhamri) and 9(me)....we all were happy with what we got. I really miss that time when we three used to hang out in my room. That was one of the best part of the hostel life.

In the 4th sem, initially we used to play basketball everynight...but then something happened ( you know what :) )....thats the time I think when everything changed ....from my part I wasn't there with them for as long as I used to be earlier...then slowly he also got busy with other things and he also found someone :)...That was the time I think we actually drifted a bit from each other...

Uske baad he got into his smoking and drinking and was completely within himself....he was busy or rather was trying to keep himself occupied and I was also busy...kitne dino tak nahi dikhta tha yeh....

I really feel sad that that time of 3rd sem didn't come back again....I know I am to be blamed...but whatever it was really fun wid this guy all the time....and he certainly will be a friend for lifetime....Dude don't forget me and be in touch....last sem without you in college. will be very boring....

I wish you all the best in life....I sincerely hope you get a bit more serious now in life. I think only she can change you...hope you have a great future with 'her'...


I Speak : First of all don't say I wrote the letter with blood, I just signed it with blood ;)

And ofcourse Bhamri and me hanging out in your room was so much fun, and one of the best part of college life. But obviously nothing goes on an on, every good thing has to end, so that another good thing comes :) So nobody is to be blamed.

And I have given up smoking and drinking.
Love You Too :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

The First Week @ Yahoo

It's a Friday night, and I am just back from my office (sounds so!). Anyways, I am feeling relieved today, I won't have to get up early for next two days :) Oh, I am not sure but I heard that some communal riots took place or going on in some areas in Bangalore, and so the company bus left 10 minutes prior, as a precautionary measure ;)


I have already written about the fun part in Yahoo. Now lets turn towards some serious stuffs. The team under which I am doing my internship works on web platforms which supports services like blog, mail, videos, maps, etc. I myself don't know much about these things, as I am from EEE background :(

So before I begin to do any actual work or undertake any project, I need to go through the basics. Thats what I have been doing, sitting in my cube. The book which I am currently following is Internetworking with TCP-IP Vol1- Principles Protocols and Architecture by Douglas E. Comer. Most of the CSE guys must have read this book as their CDC.

And when I finish this book, I will be reading the volume III, which deals with stock programming. So still, there is some time when I actually start working.


There was a surprise for me in store today! I was informed that my Manager Mr. Hemang had requested the department to give me a laptop instead of the PC. And currently I am using that laptop :) Its a HP laptop, 2.4GHz dual core processor, 2GB ram and 80 GB HDD.

I feel pity for my Dell Laptop which is lying in a corner ! :D

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Horrible Horoscope

This morning - I woke up, did sleep walk and reached downstairs, grabbed the Bangalore times, turned to page 2 and here it was --

" PISCES February 19- March 19 Its likely that you are still riding high on the waves of enjoyment, yet reality pushes its way back into your consciousness today. You are resistant to change. Avoid the temptation to walk away from your responsibilities to just do something enjoyable. This is an action- packed phase for you."

I read it twice (period). It was not that I didn't get it the first time; it was just too much to absorb at one go ! It was like someone fired at me with a machine gun, while I am still half asleep!

Though reluctantly, but I agreed to this Finolex FORTUNE. The 'waves of enjoyment' is still inside me (as I got Yahoo and a good stipend). And though aware, but still not accepting the reality that I have to work now! For the last three years, it was just little work (study/exams) and all fun and laziness. And who won't resist if there is a change, where you have to get up early, walk for 15 minutes and board your bus at 8:00 AM. Do your work in company and take your bus back at 6:00 PM and reach home at 7:45 ! What a contrast : Almost no work for three years and working five days a week !

I felt a cold shudder, the reality did push its way back into my consciouness.

I was sitting in the company bus, looking outside the window. I saw few teenagers who were playing football. It felt like, the guy is there, playing, and I am going to office! I could have pictured myself in his place just a few days back, but nowww (period) !!

I understood that I am just on the edge of ending up my student/teenage/virtual world and I have already put my first step in the real world. But the thought that I have a semester left, gives me a last chance to bid farewell to the wonderful student life! Of course I believe that every phase has its own meaning and it depends on the person how he spends that phase.

Any how, the philosophy ends here ;) This is really an action-packed phase for me.

PS : Few more things about Yahoo, other than free food court(lunch), we have unlimited badam milk, hot choclate, chips, namkeens, toffees, caffeine. And I had nothing to do today, so played TT for some time. Loved it !

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Roti Kapda Makaan Network

Slowly and comfortably I am settling down in Bangalore. Its my fourth day today. I had Roti, Kapda and Makaan, and just now I got a Network too. Basic human necessities are complete :)

I took a Reliance phone (for the ob reason). This time I didn't go for the cheapest 'Classic' sets, as their talktime (battery) is very less. They don't have earphones facility, and also the phone becomes too hot after a while (I know someone is critisizing me while reading this).
I preferred LG instead. Lookwise it's not better than Classic, but the battery is better ofcourse.
I thought of buying the cheapest LG reliance set, but I paid additional 200 bucks and bought the next set in the series. LD RD 3600. It has FM :)
I will be going to office by bus, and it generally takes one and half hour. So this will be my entertainer. And of course Bangalore has so many FM stations, playing all kinds of songs. Another good thing about this phone is, the FM plays on speaker too, so I don't have to always block my ears with the earphone.
Anyways, I am also continuing using my old number (Goa).
PS : Don't crib that I haven't given my new number :) hehe :D

Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Deadliest Trip ever !

The Elephant Beach - Havelock Island

Yahoo , Bangalore

That is true, I am in bangalore, and will be staying here for the next six months. I am here for my intern at Yahoo. I will be joining on Monday 7/7/08.

I did my registration yesterday and also visited the Yahoo Workplace. Awesome ! That was the first thing I said when I saw the place. I will click some pics and upload later.

The best part is the canteen. I shouldn't call it a canteen, instead it is better than a food court. It has a capacity of more than 400 people and the food, OMG, more than 100 different varieties. Ten kinds of salads, four types of bread, etc etc..there were so many things I couldn't even manage to taste 20% of that. And here comes the another best part, its all for free :) Anytime, anything and any amount! Cool huh ?

While exiting I could see few pool tables, tt tables, carroms, etc. There was a Gym too, but I think it was made keeping in mind the guys with bulged tummy ;)

I will write more about the company and its working conditions when I myself experience that ;)

Till then bbye.

(About the last day at andaman, it was dangeroulsy exciting, but I am in no mood to narrate that)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Andaman Trip (Condt)

Day Four (2nd half) : Port Blair to Havelock Island

We left the Wandoor Beach around 12 pm to board the speed boat for havelock.

bro, ankita, me

We left for Havelock at around 2 pm on a speed boat with around 60 more passengers. Initially we hurried to grab a seat, as it was on first come first serve basis, but soon after, we left our seat to grab the best seat – the huge window near the entrance. Three hours journey was fun and filled with wonderful sceneries.

After inspecting almost all the hotels, huts and resorts of Havelock Island, Bay View Inn Resort was the one we finally checked in. It is just in front of the sea. The sea shore there is ideal for swimming. The sea being so calm and so clear that it makes it no less than an oceanic large swimming pool ;)

Another good thing about this resort is that, boat comes just in front of your resort and takes you to different islands or beaches! And then brings you back to your resort. It saves the time, money and energy that would involve if you go to the jetty to board the boat.

Next morning was the trip to Elephant Beach. We boarded a motor boat which took around 2 hrs to move beside island after island before it reached the beach.

me and bro giving titanic pose


You can swim a little further in the sea to see the exotic varieties of corals and different kinds of fish. We were given a life jacket (or tube) and a snorkeling kit. Initially the guide took us to the spot. I think it was around 30 feet deep and 100 meters away from the beach. And even at that dept, the base of the sea was clearly visible and I could see huge colorful corals and many different kinds of fish. It was like; I was floating on the surface of a gigantic aquarium. First time ever I saw a coral; and fishes swimming around and below me was a wonderful life time experience! (There was a huge black fish and it did scare me a lot.)

corals and fish

(its not clicked by me)

standing tall


Later that afternoon we returned back to our resort. Me and my friend toured around the island on a motor bike, while others were taking rest. Evening time was spent looking at the wonderful scenes at the harbor and we did little shopping before going back to our resort.

the late evening scene at the harbor

to be continued.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Andaman Trip (continued...)

Day Three: Port Blair Town 3/6/2008

Today we planned to tour in and around the city of Port Blair. We covered Chatam Saw Mill (one of the oldest & largest in Asia), Forest Museum, Mini Zoo, Anthropological Museum, Fisheries (Marine) Museum, Science Centre, Naval Marine Museum (Samudrika), Cottage Industries Emporium (Sagarika) and the famous Cellular jail.

Bro posing in front of an old engine

fighting with a lion

The museums there are just for the name sake, all they have are some shells, corals, skeletons, some old newspaper clippings, pictures of freedom fighters, snakes, fish, etc. There was not a single thing that seemed interesting or antique to me. In fact one of the museums has fresh wooden art works !

A Pic by Indian Navy

The jail of course was an interesting place to visit. It was open for the tourist. First time ever I went to a jail. We saw the room where people were hanged and even the room below it, where their body used to be dropped after they die! I even locked myself in one of the cell to get the feel ;) The cell size was more than sufficient for a single prisoner. It was even bigger than my college hostel room ;) The fact that freedom fighthers were prisoner here, added the zing!

The view from the roof top was amazing. The deep blue sea, few islands, and the green surroundings forced us to click many pics.

me posing on the roof top of Cellular Jail

In the evening we revisited the Corbyn’s Cove Beach, a coconut palm fringed beach, ideal for swimming, sun-basking & bathing. The later part of the evening was spent in the market (Sabardeen Bazar) of Port Blair.

Day Four : Port Blair to Havelock 4/6/2008

The speed boat to Havelock was at 2 PM , so we decided to spend the first half of the day at Wandoor Beach (near Mahatma Gandhi Jetty). It was a wonderful beach, with so many dead yet tall and strong trees. Though we had very less time, but the beach tempted me and bro so much that we couldn't stop ourselves from diving in!

posing in front of dead tree

to be continued.....

Monday, June 09, 2008

Andaman Trip

1/6/2008 ---- 8/6/2008

Day One: Deoghar to Howrah 1/6/2008

After the five hours journey from Deoghar to Howrah, we waited for few hours (waiting room terrace) before moving to Dum Dum Airport next morning.

Day Two: Howrah to Port Blair 2/6/2008

It was an early morning flight to Port Blair. “Can I have a back window seat, and on the left side of the plane?” I had read somewhere that you get a better view if you sit on the left side of the plane while flying to Port Blair. The view through the window was really amazing, especially during the last few minutes, before the plane landed at the Port Blair airport. There were many different islands, small and big. And the sea with different shades of blue was awesome to look at!

Arial view

As soon as we came out of the airport, Dad and bro were surrounded by hundreds of agents, taxi drivers and tour package organizers! Phew! While bro was enjoying it, and was in the mood to negotiate, dad became impatient after a while and he just hired the one who was willing to take us to a hotel for free!

It was a forest department guest house. It ‘s a beautiful place to stay; surrounded by lush green trees and very near to Phoenix Jetty (harbor). After resting for a while, we went to Karvinskov Beach. The water was crystal clear! First time ever I saw a beach with so clear water! Some of us enjoyed a bath there. Bro and dad taught me to float, and then I managed to learn swimming all by myself. After a while we headed towards Cellular Jail.

As it was Monday the jail was closed. We couldn’t see it from inside, but we got the ticket for Light and Sound Show (it’s a musical tale of the freedom fighters who were prisoner of this jail). I was tired and I slept even before the show started and woke up just before it ended. Mom says it was good.

Cellular Jail

Day Three: Port Blair Town 3/6/2008

To be continued…

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

farewell :D

It was not a grand farewell party, but it was fun. Now it seems the time has come when we have to step into the real world and be practical ;)

Here are few memorable pics.

top(from left): me, ashok, reddy, uday, guarav
middle(from left): pranjal, lokki, don, dhruv

bottom(from left): panda, bhamri, adi

adi, mohanti and myself

pranjal(left) lokesh(right)

bhamri(left) govil(right)

PS: No girl's pic. Believe me, none of them were looking good.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Class Of 2009

Made three design for the batch t-shirt (class of 2009).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mozilla Tee Competition

There was an event organized by mozilla firefox. People all over the world were asked to make T-shirt desings for mozilla which should convey three or one of the following three things.
1. Security
2. Openness
3. Creativity and Flexibility

Here are the few designs contributed from my side. To see my full contribution click here.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Puppy's Tale

These days I don’t sleep until I have my morning breakfast. It was around 6 A.M. I had wasted the night looking at my laptop screen. A friend (Reddy) dropped in, “Chal , lets go to SAC and play badminton” .

It was still dark outside. The hostel gate was locked. And we had to take some pain till we reached SAC (Students Activity Centre).

As we were playing, a puppy entered the room, walked in very casually, and leaving the two other courts, he came and sat in the middle of the court where we were playing! I tried to push him with my legs, but he resisted. I didn’t try hard, I was afraid; he wasn’t a very small puppy afterall.

Shuu..Shuu..hatt hatt .. goooo . He was determined to stay there, as if he was saying to us – “ Now its my turn..tu hatt” . Some how after ‘arguing’ a little we were finally able to move him outside the line. But that fucking dog (now I call him dog because he didn’t seem sweet anymore) took the extra shuttle cork in his mouth and started running towards the door! I ran fast, fast enough to close the door in time.

I was too afraid to pull the shuttle out of his dirty mouth. Reddy tried. He succeeded. And he put up the shuttle on the top of the net pole, far from the dog’s reach.

As I said, the dog was in mood. He came to the pole. Jumped (thank God he didn’t lift his one leg). He tried hard reaching the shuttle, but he was a puppy after all. An intelligent puppy though as he somehow managed to drop down the shuttle. And then, he ran again!
This time it was harder for us to get it out from him. At one point of time, we almost gave up. But finally we did get it back. Every dog has its day.

The dog was thrown out of the room. He tried getting in by pushing the chair; he managed to pop his head inside, but was pushed back again and then the door was bolted. Now do whatever!

He kept making noise, as if digging a way inside. Butat last, ‘the badminton player’ sat outside and became our only spectator, looking inside through a translucent glass !
PS: No one had a camera phone, or I would have shown you that the puppy was really cute.
Sorry puppy for callin you a fucking dog.