Tuesday, December 11, 2007

end of a sem

I didn't blog much, or truly I didn't do anything this semester. Academics was taken lite, not much extra-curricular activities (except little in Zephyr - inter hostel event ) and just a single outing with friends.

The treats (Ginzaa & ATA) seem so monotonous now, it makes no difference, as if it's a part of a normal routine. I am not saying that this sem was boring, in fact it was my best sem ever ! And what made this sem wonderful has nothing to do with my college. Its rather personal :)

So , plans for next sem ?

I was not sure of what I will be doing in future. I am still in doubt, but I have got a little idea about it, and if it works out well , then I have to be serious in the coming sem. Its always the same story : At the end of each semester a student thinks that he will work hard next semester and get good grades, but as soon as it starts, its the same old story again.
There are always some exceptions , may be I will be the one ;)

And also, if you see, the next sem will be like the last sem of the college. I will try to engage myself in as many extra - curricular activities as I can. God knows, whether I am writing these out of normal feelings which comes at the end of a sem or these are my true determined feelings.

Well then, bbye friends, see you next sem. Enjoy the winter vaccations, Merry Christmas.