Wednesday, November 22, 2006

RoboTRIx - Day 2

Well, same as day one, theory part was boring, so I will start from the time we got the kit. It had

1. DC Motor 45 rpm
2. DC Motor 400rpm
3. Gears
4. And other pre-casted structures of mild steel
5. Thin rods
6. Bearings, bolts, nuts, screws, etc.

We had to make a crane. On the top of the car we made the other day, we had to mount a crane system with two degrees of freedom.

They gave us the idea, but it was not as simple as the first day assembling. We had to make the arm move using a motor(45 rpm) and gear system.

And by using the 400rpm motor we had to make the collector move too. After a lot of hard work and thinking we finally managed to make our crane. We tested it, and of course it worked !

Have a look at our crane ! or should I call it a ROBOT ?

So this was our two days workshop on robotics. I agree that what we made can be called a robot, but what I had thought was something like this ! (remember my perception in the beginning?)

I would like to share one more thing. While teaching the guy suddenly asked, " Is anyone's birthday today ? ", and yes it was A***** (girl) birthday !! Oh my God, how the hell did he know ?

We all sang happy birthday song for her. Its not over yet, he also gifted her a roboitcs T-shirt ! Cool na !!

The End

But not for Lokesh Harnal , he is busy in connecting our crane to the computer, using led, diodes, microcontroller, ics, resistor, capacitors, and other stuffs. He is making some circuits and will connect it to the computer's printer port and the crane.

Now if this happens, it will feel like a real ROBOT :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

RoboTRIx - Day 1

Govil arranged for a robotics workshop in our campus. He contacted some IITB graduates, who run some robotics institute .

Since it was the first technical 2 days workshop being organised in our college, many students were interested to attend it, although there was a huge registration fees.

Luckily on first come first serve basis I got the chance. ( or may be Govil is my good friend , and he was the incharge !! )

So lets begin the workshop :) But before starting let me tell you with what perception I attended this workshop. I joined this workshop only because my friends joined it, and more importantly Govil was involved. But once I got enrolled , I imagined a rough model of the robot, which I thought they would teach us to make. (will tell you later about this)

The lecture begins. For the first two hours, he kept talking about, what actually a robot is ?? It was an interative session, but I remained quiet, just listening to others. Next he moved on to mechanics, motion, FBD,wheels, etc. I didn't paid much attention, it was too boring!!

The real fun started after the tea break. They gave us (bhamri, dhruv, lokesh and me : we were divided in groups of four) a kit, and now it was our turn to make something! When we opened the pack , we found:

1. DC Motor 45 rpm (2)
2. Switch board
3. MS sheets
4. Wheel (4)
5. Screw driver
6. Spanner
7. Wires
8. Rubber strip
9. Nuts and bolts

And what we had to make was a car . They gave us some idea about the circuit connections and the final model. It was easy, we only had to assemble the things. "Oh! God we paid RS. 1450 for this !! ".

The two DC motors had to be connected to the rear wheel, and then connected to the switch in parallel, so simple !! Then run it by a 12V dc source.

Here is the final model of what we had made in the first day of workshop. We can run the car backward, front and turn it using the switches.
Have a look!

And he concluded the day by promosing us to give some more kit the next day.

And one more thing , before this day, I have never sat in a LT (lecture theater) continously for such long hours. (3hrs + 3hrs). Created a record :)

Friday, November 17, 2006


Well I had put the above picture on my orkut profile, but a friend suggested me to change it, because , "it looks too feminine". So I thought of putting this here, ( b'cos very few people visit this blog !)

Ok. Here's the story of three days Zephyr. As I had already predicted; this time it was bigger, more fun , and very competitive !! The zephyr heat was all around in the campus air. And the hostel T-shirts, Posters, Banners, Flags added more to it.

Well , I am interested in writing only about those events in which, I took part :)

Face Painting, Fash P, Sketching , and Cartoon/Caricature making.

Lets forget about face painting, I am not going to take part in it any more !! (not frustated , just fed up )


We had to make a cartoon or caricature showing any famous world incident (topic was given on the spot). I choosed the easiest one, WTC Attack !!

Since I am not good in making caricatures and cartoons, so just before the competion, I had gone through some of the caricatures in the newspaper and internet, including Osama and Bush, Wow !!

gaurav, me, and bipin

So it was very easy for me to draw their caricatures, and to draw a plane hitting a tall building is a childs play!!.

Well, I didn't get any prize though :(
May be because I made an Australian flag instead of American !!


I used a different concept ( not the regular piegon and globe thing ). In fact, I made "my own" sketch.

At my place ( Deoghar, Jharkhand ) there is a famous temple of Lord Shiva. Its full of devotees all the year round. And its always very noisy (bells, mantras , hawans, usual temple fuss , etc )

me and bipin (he shared the first prize with Neha)

But whenever I visit there, I use to sit up at my favourite palce , and try to connect myself to my soul. I find it really very peaceful, and I feel I am closer to myself !

Even though there is so much of noise , but I find eternal peace there, which is obviously greater than rest all other peace (or atleast I think so ! ). I can sit there for hours !! and I do.

So this was the concept. A boy sitting, huge bells, temples, lot of people, pandits, the flower sellers, the vendors , hawan spot, etc. And I had also explained the sketch .

Though I didn't get any prize but I enjoyed drawing "myself" :)

FASH P : Our theme was ROCK/PUNK

It was easy , we only needed lots of body art, chains, rings, and other accessories. And our presentation style was good. Lots of head banging and other actions !!

do I look like the T-shirt guy ??

Upneet -- the guitarist

Pophali - the guitarist

Lokesh -- the vocalist

ganesh -- the guitarist

Avinash -- the cool rap guy

Dhruv -- look at his face !!

Others were Adi and Sushowan -- the drummer, Gaurav and Kushal -- the vocalist and Soumyadeep -- the guitarist. Pictures not put, b'cos of their personal reasons.

And thank God , we got the second prize !!

So this was the end of Zephyr, and I will always remember one thing about it, which I can't write b'cos of my personal reasons :)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Feel THE Heat

U can only desire, but we have the FIRE.
Yes, only two days left for our inter hostel competions ZEPHYR !

This time its gonna be more fun than ever, a complete new 2006 batch. We have seen us, our senior, and now lets see what our juniors have to show !!

And for no special reason, but the junta is much more enthusiastic this time; CHEERS!!

I may participate in some of the events, but this time I would rather prefer to be a audience than a participant.

Will keep updating about the events.

Heres' the T-Shirt I , Ankit Bhamri, and Pophali designed for our hostel , and "BITS" says ours' the best ! (obviously in comparision with other hostel T-shirts)

P.S. No offence intented.



Saturday, November 04, 2006

Indian Examination System

was talking to one of my friends about exams and assignments, and both of us agreed that examination system in India is very bad, or better say it sucks !!

Compared to foreign countries, where a student is accessed for all his qualities, here in India they only check and grade their academic/bookish knowledge. Credits are not given for extra curricular activities or sports.

As a result students ignore such activities and focus only on academics, and life becomes hell for them !!

How better it would have been ! if we had subjects like of Counter-Strike/ AOM/ Badminton/ Football / Painting/ Dance/ Music/ etc. to choose along with physics, chemistry and maths. And equal weight age should be given to all the subjects.

This will help a student to reduce his burden, enjoy his life, and to excel.

But this is INDIA !!

At least I am little lucky that in my college there's a system of relative grading, which do reduce the burden of Pass or Fail :)


diwali holidays condt...

look at these flowers (vrindawan garden)

virndawan garden

entrance mysore palace

mysore palace ( though it looks much better in night)

enjoying naaryal paani outside mysore zoo

fountain (vrindawan garden)

but no mangoes

peacpock (mysore zoo)

whats that ??

feeding a bird

the gorrilla

the girrafe

once again the gorrilla

sexy rhino

such a unique fish !

why are they so disciplined ?

kya maze mein so raha hai !

tamed rhino :)

ashok's new pet :)

i feel pity on him


the golden goddess

dirty hipppopotamus

white tiger

So, this was my four days banglore trip. I have had lots of fun and enjoyment. And this was my first ever outstation trip with a friend, so its really memorable !!