Thursday, October 26, 2006

Deewali Holidays !!


Ashok and I reached banglore at about 8:00 in the morning of 20th oct. After getting refreshed at my uncle's place, we took his bike to roam about in the city.

Forum Mall was our first break. We did some window shopping there and planned to watch DON in PVR, but it was running house full.

We left forum after 3-4 hrs, to visit my cousin. He stays in an apartment along with his college friends. He showed us his college and then all of us planned to watch DON.

Though it was not PVR, but the theater was good. And the movie ultimate!


It was the diwali day. We didn't have any special plans. We found out from the newspaper that a new branch of VISHAL Mega Mart has opened and it is offering 25% discount on all the items.

We spent 3-4 hrs there and did some shopping too. I returned back to my uncle's place. Ashok went to MG Road with his friends ( he had called his friends there to see them, some old pals)

Uncle lighted few candles and diya. We enjoyed the evening talking, gossiping and eating sweets. No crackers ! (not interested any more)

me and mintoo chacha
me and sushil bhaiya
It is the most memorable day of the trip. It was a mixture of both fun and frustation. We were on our way to Wonder la (a placejust like essel world and water kingdom). Every thing went fine till we reached Kengri. There, I was supposed to take out some cash. Unfortunately the ATM was not working properly, it had some connection problem !
That area has only one ATM, so we had no choice but to go to other nearby locality. But before going I tried once more, and thank God, it worked. We had 1000 rs wid us, and we thought thats enough. So we continued to Wonder la.
"Thousand eighty please", the ticket counter person asked. I asked whether they accept debit cards. " No , only credit cards ", said the person.
I went to Badadi ( 6.5 kms away form wonder la), and on reaching there, I found out that my ATM is with Ashok. Oh my God !
Ashok came there with the ATM card, and then we found out that the only ATM there was out of cash! We had no option but to go back to Kengri (25 kms form there). And we were not sure whether that ATM will work ? And it didn't.
But at last we found out another ATM there, and soon we were in Wonder la !
standin below the giant wheel

it was with 3d effects and other special effects

that hut is the toilet

crystal clear water

my friend ashok

this vertical fall (rightmost) was too thrilling !!
splash -- we rode this 5 times !!
free fall


rain dance -- it was superb!!
fire works 7:00 - 7:20 pm -- it was great !!
It was too much fun in Wonder la, the wave pool, the thrilling slides, rain dance, and the musical fountain and laser show (awesome !)
The Mysore trip with bike was cool, though Ashok found it a bit tiring. Mysore is about 157 kms form Banglore, and a highway connect the two places.
1. Philomena's Church -- An amazing church , just have a look!

2. Chamundi Hill
The Temple
wait for my next post-- mysore palace, zoo, park...

Friday, October 13, 2006

paintings that i carry

I painted this 2 days back, just wanted to try !!
the actual tshirt looks much better than these pics



I had painted this T-shirt in 2nd semester. Yes, I know the message is old and quite common, but i didnt think of this that time. I was short with ideas or may be I was too excited to paint it.

Any new ideas/designs/slogans are always welcome!

Friday, October 06, 2006


Well I certainly do believe that we have got only one life and we should live it the way we want. And life is too precious to lose, so be careful, enjoy your life!

Don’t worry about the purpose of life. In fact there isn’t any purpose in life as such.

It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.

Enjoy :)