Thursday, February 28, 2008

My 'Grown Up' College

The “Grown Up” Campus

Well I am back to blogging (not so certain tough), and while I was out of it, I observed my campus closely. How she was then, and how she is now! She has grown up, and developed in all the dimensions. Look out the irony here, the campus is being assumed to have life, she was born a year before I became a part of her. And now when she is four plus , she has already entered the teenage group. She has become bolder, careless, fun filled, addicted to unhealthy habits, independent and obviously she has started feeling the teenage peer pressure, specially the sexual desires !

When she was a baby, she was so cute, so innocent, I liked her. She was calm, quiet, peaceful and beautiful. There were few innocent lovers, love proposals, and so many unconditional friendships were born. Everything was perfect. But unfortunately you can’t be a cute baby forever, you have to grow up, and when you grow up, you give away your innocence.

Now when she’s on the verge of becoming five years old, she has lost her virginity! Lots of cases and gossips float around, “kaun (who) ? kahan (where) ? kab (when) ?” The same question, but with different answers.. ”guest house ke peechey (behind the guest house), Mr Ick and Miss Usy, last night”… “LT ke peechey….guard caught them..” . The point here is not letting you know who all did sex here and when and where and how ! I am just expressing that she has grown up and well she has grown up pretty fast. She don’t even think whether its right or not , to publically display affection !

Very few used to fag then. If someone get to know that a boy fags, it was a big deal..”wo cigarette pita hai (he smokes).hauwww !!”. And the famous Jhopdi (only shop in our campus which sells cigarette) was a 'no students land' back then. Students looked down upon teachers who visited that place. And now, almost 25% of the male students can be seen and heard there.. “ 4 double omelet without bun and one lights” .. “ek double half fry palti maar ke and ek gold flake chota” . Even some of the female, mostly the girlfriends can be seen around!

Really, when you think of then, and when you see now, you feel different. A strange smile or expression comes, as if you knew this was going to come, come so soon. And you are no daddy, so you don’t care if she turns out to be a bitch or a responsible young girl. You know , you have to leave her, you can’t be with her always. Only thing you can do is too watch her, without forgetting that you are also a part of her.

PS: I had one beer today and this is also my last semester with half of my friends.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cover for JAM

These are the two designs which I made for the cover of JAM (just another magazine)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So, What did he say ?

[contd. form my last post]

I always knew, that they won't let me go . I was sleeping in my room. It was around 12 noon. I got a call from the Sir.

"Ankit , come to my chamber . "

"Sir, nowwww ?"

"Ya, immediately."

Like any other obedient student , I went to him as soon as I could. He took me to the Boss, Mr A.

"So ?? You pack your bags , and go home."

(I was not at all surprised!)

"Sir, I am sorry, and I won't repeat this again."

"(Seeing the copy of the letter, which I was asked to write, when I was accused of drinking beer and coming to the campus, a year ago.) I don't believe you. (Pause) Do you know , smoking is banned in this college ? "

"Yes , Sir I do, and I am sorry ", I should have further asked him, Sir, what about the 'Jhopdi' in our campus, which is being visited by so many respected teachers and students, for the sole purpose to smoke their lungs out ? And millions of cigarettes that are being sold daily in our campus, and you are well aware of that, aren't you ?
Oh ! that's a different case, they fag in open air, you fag in your room. Bullshit.

"Do, you attend classes, and what's your CG ?"

"Yes Sir, I do, (I wrote him down my subjects and instructors name, so that he could verify). CGPA is 6.98"

"No, I don't believe you! " (He didn't believe that my CGPA is 6.98 , that means it is not a bad CG :)

"This, that, who, why, blah blah blah, and be ready to leave the hostel, you are not from BITS, you came here by fluke , become some vendor, egg seller, etc etc, go and find some place in Zari or Birla to stay "

"Only thing you do is to eat and sleep, give your parents phone number.,"

"Sir, they are out of station, and mobile is not working, and they don't have a land line."

"Well then , you can go now"

"Sir, I am sorry. (and I left)"

So the story isn't over yet. Even I don't know how will it end!

Apart from all this, one good thing about this day is that it's my friend's Birthday. V.Lokeswar Reddy, one of my oldest and good friend of this college. We went to Bogmalo Beach (the nearest beach to our campus), had a beer each, facing the rough sea and cool wind. The evening was spent great. Happy Birthday friend !

Sunset at Bogmalo Beach
the pic was taken by a VGA Cam

Sunday, February 03, 2008

How Can They ?

(I have stopped blogging for a while, no reason in particular. But this is something worth sharing.)

The following incident raises serious questions on hosteler's privacy !

Tonight, at around quarter past eleven, I heard someone knocking at my door. I ignored it (generally friends don't knock). I heard it for the second time (knock knock..Ankit ? ). The sound was unfamiliar.

"Oh Sir ?? You ? Ya ? " . It was followed by a silence. I noticed he wasn't alone. "Sir , aap bhi ? "

And without asking me a thing, both of my respected Sirs started inspecting my room.

"What the f*** are you two doing " - only I never said this.

"Well here are empty cigarette packs, a vodka bottle, a mess plate, and so much of dirt. So you are a hard core smoker ?"

"No Sir, these are last sem's pack " - (And who would believe that, not even my girlfriend!)

Further inspecting.

"Sir, why don't you unfold the crushed newspapers and see what's inside, or may be check my coffee bottle if it contains some drugs , or check my cupboard , see if you can find a girl " - I didn't say this either.

"(A disgusting look) Okay, fine, meet Mr A, (another respected Sir) tomorrow. By the way do you attend classes, blah blah blah.."


They stepped out from the 'crime scene', another 'agent' comes in. Oh ! he had a camera phone. He started collecting up proofs, to build his case stronger (already there were two eye witnesses). Click , Click , Click ..

This was so unexpected and unbelievable! F***

"Plate ka bhi lia na ? ... hmmm fine. "

"Good night Sir "

Any comments ? (Period) Wasn't it is a clear case of exploiting one's privacy ? I don't know what to say. I really don't know ! I wonder, was it my fault, or was it theirs, or no one's !

Moreover they left behind a mystery. Why my room ? Why only my room !! There are more than hundred rooms in here, far more f***ed up than mine, so why 205 ? Was it just a coincident ? or did someone complain?

I will never know that.

And the story isn't over yet !