Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My College :)

Things I don't like 'bout my college :

  • Regionalism

  • A.V.K.

  • Mess

  • Taking permission to go out during class working hours even when you don't have any classes(8:00am to 5:00pm)

  • No sweet girls

  • Monopoly of Shops

  • System of PS I

  • Its little far away from nice beaches

Thats all I can think of now !

Things I like :

  • No compulsory attendance

  • No studies

  • Net/DC

  • Friends

  • Single room

  • Clean toilets

  • The campus beauty

  • A.C. class rooms

Hmnnn...I think thats it , if I remember something more, I will update this post.

Now some things, which I wish my college had !!

  • A statue (preferably some lady) on the dome (main building) and fountain coming out of her. Actually whenever (rarely) I go to the class in the morning, I see the dome, and its looks so lonely and khali khali empty, I feel that something is missing !

  • A common swimming pool

  • More parties and dance nights

  • A rough decent freshers party (not the one like we had!)

  • No late night restrictions
  • 99% reservation for pretty girls and 1% for SC,ST,OBC,PH

  • A nice restaurant

  • Water sports in the Zuari River

  • Rope way from basketball court to the hills around the river

  • Some one who can take care of A.V.K.

  • No exams and unnecessary subjects

And now, I think its too much !! But the list is endless, it really is !!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Feel Good : Sensless

open door and the green tree
drizzling not heavy nor little
looking from inside
the cold wind

its cool

colorful curtains
smooth carpets heavy pillows
favorite music all over

its refreshing

tee hanging loose
jeans folded half
reclining and blogging
easy chair and the bed

its dark

thinking smiling and smiling !

i love you i miss you

Use Contacts : If u believe me !

Most of the people don't use contact lenses because they think that they have to remove it every night, put it in the solution and then wear it back the next morning ! And following this daily, is a pain. Better use specs!

Well, what I feel is that, the above "fact" is a myth! (I said I feel, and remember, I am not an eye specialist.) I still don't know, why do they instruct so ! Initially , I too used to follow this old routine of taking it out before sleeping. And ya it was boring and irritating to follow this every night!

But, once I was reading the instructions on the lens solution. It says -

Wash your lenses with the solution. Take care not to ... blah blah blah........and more blah blah.. (all these instructions , so that you finish your bottle soon, and by a new one!) and then soak it for around 4 hrs. Keep it covered.

And then you can wear it for a maximum of 31 days.

It was cool. I tried it. And today its my 25th consecutive day, and I haven't removed my lenses. And it makes no difference. Neither it sticks, nor blur. Neither it hurts, nor itches !!
And guys its so better than specs (specially for those using high power specs).

But ya, for some 'youngsters', wearing specs is a 'fashion' ;) Isn't it ?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

And I still can't decide !

I was waiting for my bus (250) at E.C.I.L. Sometimes I get the bus as soon as I reach there, and sometimes I have to wait long !

I was looking around, when I noticed an old man (65-75) asking for lift. He was standing in front of a bus stop and asking for a lift from each and every bike that passed him. The first thing which came in my mind was , " Look at this guy, he is exploiting his old age, using it as a tool " . But then I pondered , " Is he ? . Even I ask for lifts, even when I can get a bus. If young people can, then why not older ones?"

But the fact that he was at the bus stop was disturbing me.

I kept observing him for a long time. He was showing his hand to all the bikers and scooterist, not to cars (may be less in confidence). None stopped. I thought, " What would have, I done ? Hmnn... I don't know! I really don't know !"

Definitely if he would have been at some other place, I would have given him lift. But an old man standing and asking for lift at a bus stop .. well I don't know !
And I can't even decide it now!

Thats why people say, some situations cannot be analyzed before hand. You have to face it to know your reaction !

10 days of PAIN

I was trying to get internet connection for the last 10 days. First option was to get net through cable (sify, tata or reliance). But all of them asked for installation charges around 1000-1500 buks, plus the monthly rental! That was too much , I needed it only for a month.

Second was to get it through landlines or walky phones, but that too involved high initial cost.

And the last option was to activate GPRS on my phone and get connection from idea. This worked , but hey , this was not easy !!

IDEA - They have no idea !

The idea call center sucks big time. They say any bull shit, to end the conversation and cut the line. These fucking people know only one to say..." sir please wait for next 24hrs", and every time ... next 24hrs, next 24hrs !! What the fuck !! 7 days passed but still, I didn't get my GPRS settings.

Finally a less fucked up call center fucker, advised me to go to the idea head office and get the settings done manually. But as I said all are same, the fucker gave me the wrong address.

I went to the head office , and the person loaded the settings in just 5 minutes!

And it was awesome. I couldn't believe that I was using Google in my 3k phone (LG B2050). I also checked my mail, opened my blog (though it didn't open up properly, because of less memory in my phone), checked my yahoo mail, sent a mail, and surfed some mobile compatible sites.

Finally it felt good, very good ! I was excited :)

Problem with the Data Cable

I bought one USB Data cable (with instalation CD), but it didn't work ! The drivers and modem were for serial port Data Cable. No return !

Next day, I bought a Serial Data Cable (with driver and modem CD). It has all the phone drivers and modem except for the serial port cable! Luckily I had the previous CD, which has the required drivers and modem. And after playing too much with the settings and all, I finally connected it to my PC!

I also got the USB data cable drivers and modem, but then I realized that the USB cable is loose, and so it won't work!

Finally I have net connection in my home. Though its slow (115.2 Kbps) and Google talk gets disconnected every now and then, but I am happy, because last night I had lost all hopes, and now this fine morning, I did it !

Thursday, June 14, 2007

peeth dard ??

Remember the advertisement of iodex ??

A man is walking in the park. He notices a 500 Rs. note lying on the ground. He looks around, and there is no one there. He keeps looking at the note, but doesn't try to pick it up. And after some time he leaves the place.

And then a message appears - Peeth Dard ?? And below it an iodex bottle is displayed !

Well just before coming to this cyber cafe, I noticed a folded 100Rs. note crying on the street, I felt pity, picked it up and kept it in my pocket safely.

Luckily I don't have 'peeth dard' ! (back pain)

Hows the intern goin ?

Its good now. I bunk often, because our instructor seldom comes. And the new timinga are from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. so its even better !! I reach there around 9:40 and leave at 12:30 because 1 to 1:30 is lunch timing.

And that few hours I spend watching some movie or chatting :)

Though there are some formalities like reports, seminar, quiz, diary etc etc, which I can tackle easily :)

So cheers to me !!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What happens when U sit Idle

If you have nothing to do and you have brain, you think ! You think anything; good , evil, about you, your friends, girlfriends, or others girl friend, or the world, the dog in the street, the bus conductor, the cyber cafe lady, or any arbit person or thing you see. Its good, it keeps you engage.
I am in the same condition, and suddenly a very general question came to my mind - " What type of job do I want to do ? " . I was silent ! I was unable to give the answer. I was blank. I had no idea !
Well this question wasn't that sudden. Actually I was thinking about doing some summer course, because my intern timings were changed to 9:00 to 1:00. , which left me with lots of hour to spend on something I wish.
And that made me think, what course should I join in ? Some language ? but I am not interested in software
Flash ? but I am not sure that I want to go in advertisement ! Then what should I do ?
Still Thinking ! Will let you know my 'final' choice !

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday & Travel

I traveled about 100 kms to see my sis. in Bidar ! She introduced me to her friends, offered me lunch in a restaurant; the restaurant sucked, and she said its one of the best in Bidar (I don't believe).

Then we went to see her college. It was good, though not as good and big as mine, but it was good, and had all the necessary things for it being an engineering college !

Later we went to watch the newly realized Fool N Final. It was an average time pass movie; it was the only choice for us, because no other hindi movie, and no other places of interest to see in Bidar!

sis and me (of course not in bidar)

Still I had few hours left, so we thought of little ride in the city. Her friend has a bike. We took it from him, but within one minute of our bike ride, it started raining ! I continued , hoping the rain would stop, but God had some other plans. I was half wet (or I say half dry ? )

We were waiting under the shade for the rain to stop ! But oh my God ! Lightening occurred and it started raining more ! We had no option left, but to ride back home, in the rain. And once you are determined and know that you have to face the situation, you actually enjoy facing it. And so did we !

I opened my shirt (had a sleeveless inside :) and folded it and kept it undercover. And then Phew !! We were driving in rain. The road had turned into swimming pools. We were smiling and laughing :)

Finally it stopped, I went to her hostel, saw her room, met her friends , took her computer and then left for hyderabad (another 100 kms back)! Reached at 12:30 A.M. and someone was very angry and worried about me, because of such late night outs ;) So sweet :)

PS: It was not easy, 8 hrs bus journey, and when I reached home, the door was locked, and nobody was picking up the phone. I called for about 20 minutes, and then uncle woke up and opened the door :)

All alone in dis city

kush raho vatsa


Had nothing to do, these days !! Getting too bored, so remembering my childhood days :)

Papa and me

bro and me

thats me

again thats me !

Banana Chips

A little confusion can sometimes make you laugh :) My little cousin (8 years old) Palak , was unable to understand the name of the company in which I am doing my PS. When I was talking to my uncle and aunt, he was sitting and listening carefully. I said its KLR Industries Pvt. Ltd, manufactures rigs, drilling bits, etc etc.

One day, he said to his friend , " Mere bhaiya KELA banane waali industry mein kaam karte hai !! " and then he said to his mom, " Mummy , unse kaho na, ki laute waqt wo banana chips le aaye ! "

When I returned from my 'work', chachi narrated me this incident, and I couldn't stop laughing :)
And Palak hid his face with his hands, and ran to other room :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Day 4,5,6........ : PS

Finally got the habit of getting up early and leave for 'work'. Though I am always the last to reach my PS and the first to leave !
We have got our projects, our group (EEE) have to make an electrical layout of the entire organisation, electrical consumption, efficiency, and every thing related to electrical ! And we have started working on it.
Since this project won't take much time, so we are very slow in doing our work, just half or one hour work in entire day. Rest of the time, sitting under A.C. reading comics or watching movie (laptop).
We are not doing it fast, because if we complete it soon, we fear that the guy will give us another project. So better be slow !
Having fun ! and 'working hard' !! And ya , we had some tests too ! They keep checking whether we are serious or not ! Hehehe :)