Friday, April 27, 2007

thandi hawa !!

Nah...not the natural one ! I am talking bout the AC, which has been installed in the room next to mine. (our LAN hub is kept there).

I enjoyed there, with my friends for some time(all holding books, but gossiping), as the room was not locked during the day. But unfortunately there was a powercut for more than 4 hrs, and we had to leave.

And now when I woke up at(11 P.M), I saw the room locked. No more 'thandi hawa' :(

I can hear the buzz sound now, (automatic on/off) and can imagine how good will it be if I break into and spend the night there; sleeping :)

Who has the key ?? :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

me n mah coffee

Dark Days ahead And I will be high on coffee

I started drinking black coffee when I was in 9th grade. (Got this 'inspiration' from my brother)

Earlier I used to drink it because my Brother did, and also to keep my eyes open while studying !

It tasted too bad in the begining , but after few months, I developed little taste for it. And slowly and slowly I sarted liking it ! Its so pure, just water and coffee, no sugar , no milk !

And now, I like it even more than normal coffee/tea, and I consume to0 much of it; mostly during exams. I simply love taking the sip again and again form my mug. Can't read a book, without having my coffee beside me. Almost addicted :)
Pappu and Panda do join me sometimes :)

a mug of hot water + one tablespoon of Nescafe matinal = my life saving drug

Sunday, April 15, 2007

huh...who's better ?

Seniors had their farewell today. It was pathetic, if it really was a farewell party!
Any ways, in one of the events, all 9.75 + and 6.00 - , students were called upon stage, and were asked to explain why they are better from each other? He he....interesting !! isn't it ? Both team had many points to prove that they are the best.
10 Pointers :

1. We are the one who truly represent BITSG , and it will be us who will make our college proud and not you people. (huh .. who cares !!)

2. We will get better job, and it will be us who will give you all a job ! (bullshit)

3. I support you 5 pointers, because of you only we are ten pointers. If there are no 5 pointers, there wont be any 10 pointers. (really spoken like a ten pointer )

5 Pointers :

1. We are the one who organises all the cultural fests, and any other activities/sports in our college, we are running this college (our presi and vice presi are one among them)

2. We are enjoying our life, tell me how many of you have heard of Dota and CS ?

3. We are having fun here in campus, and books (period) , we can get it outside as well, we will mug it up when needed.

4. And we can do MBA and stuffs and can get good jobs, but you all will miss the fun we are doing in campus.

What say ? Who's better ?

I will support 5 pointers ( my current cg 6.65). Just look at the ten pointers, I really feel pity for them! What are they doing to their lives ? I can't understand........

Being a 8 or even nine pointer is easy, but for being a 10 pointer , everyday you have to get up at 7 in the morning and attend each and every class ! No play, no romance, no fun, no gossip, no trips, just study study and study.

We are 'living' a life, and they are busy 'making' their so called successful life, and almost forgetting that the college days are the best days of our lives. You cannot enjoy with your wive/husband and kids, as much as you enjoy with your friends at this age.

We exist; and they simply don't !

PS : No offence to the ten pointers, I truly appreciate their sincerity and hard work !

Monday, April 09, 2007

Who Moved My Cheese ?

Who Moved My Cheese ?

Just now completed reading this 40 pages book ! (Not for leisure but for my POM presentation tomorrow morning )

Its about four characters, and how they adapt to change, and what do they learn meanwhile. There are too many fundas !! (don't know how practical they are! )

Anyways I picked up some lines from the story for you :)

"When you move beyond your fear, you feel free"

" Sometimes things change
and they are never the same again.
This looks like one of those times.
That’s life! Life moves on.
And so should we"

The story is too big to be posted here, and I definitely dunno want to summarize it for you :)
Just remember the above thoughts !

Friday, April 06, 2007

jai ma durga

I have started worshiping again, and it feels really good. I don't know why had I stopped it soon after I joined this college ! It takes just two minutes to recite the mantras which my dad taught me back home.

And that two minutes make my day, fill me with confidence, and make my life happy. What do we say ? Ya , "Khushiyan kut kut ke bhar deti hai! "
I have the feeling that She (Ma Durga) is with me all the time, so what else do it need !

I know you won't believe this, but you can't stop me from expressing myself :)

Monday, April 02, 2007

zoom D again

Destination : Amboli (Maharashtra)
Distance : 120 Kms from Dabolim Airport
Height : 690 m ASL

Starting pt. :BITS Goa
Time : 9:30 A.M.
Transport : Bikes (two apache and two pulsar)
People : 8 cool teenagers
Purpose : Pure fun
Back by : 10 P.M.

Friends : Vatsa, Bhamri, Lokki, Shokee, Govil bhai, Gaurav, Uday, Pranjal

Huh?? enough !! forget this shit, see the pics, and imagine the fun !!

from left to right
lokesh,bhamri(front),govil(back),gaurav,vatsa,uday,pranjal and ashok

lokesh : "sahi scene hai yaar !! "
vatsa : "hmnnnn...too good"
govil : "(thinking) chalo yaar, kahan baith gaye ho raste mein he ! "

vatsa and lokesh together : "shokee .... jaldi keech yaar...
madhumakhi (honeybee) kaat legi!"

ashok : "abey ruk...(to vatsa) .. shahrukh ki pose maarne de .. as in chalte chalte"
lokesh : "(laughs) ch**** "

vatsa : "baaki pata nahi kahan reh gaye ?? "
shokee : "mujhe railing cross karke niche dekhna hai "
gaurav : "thank god..pepsi mil hi gaye aakhir mein"

bhamri : "(to himself) koi mujhe maar to..dhakka de do..niche phek do..plzzz"

all : "(thoughtful)............"

uday : (lost in his world....)
vatsa: "chal ashok dekhta hun, kitni aage tak ja sakta hai !! "
bhamri : " (angry) koi jaroorat nahi hai bakwaas karne ki "
vatsa : "pranjal tu ??"
pranjal : "g*** m*** ! "

photographer : "(to nobody) saale.. itni door se tum log dikh hi nahi rahe!!"

vatsa : "(to pranjal) oye dhang se lio jaise maine teri li thi.
(thinking) bhagwaan....plz...ek to acchi photo aaye"

vatsa : " (singing) yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo....yoyoyo"
gaurav : "yoyoyoyoyo....abe dhere....yoyoyoy...vatsa plz yaar thoda dhere."

vatsa : " ________________________________________"

(this for you to fill)

amboli hills : " (to us) hey visited Madhavgadh Fort/Point,
Nangardas Falls,
some temple; I am sorry that you can't find the Pinchar point,
and you returned
half way from Hiranyakeshi River Source,
but why don't you wait to see the beautiful sunset!

(no response form us. Still...)

(talking emotionally) Please wait...Continue on the road and you will
find the
hidden history in my hills. There are
also plenty of treks and walks that will take you further deep into my forests
where you all
can see bison, panther and the occasional stripes of a tiger (ask vatsa !).

(no response )

(almost crying) Reinvigorate your system with my pure mountain air and
soak it in the deep relaxing silencesof my jungles,
(foot foot ke rone laga ) I am recommended for the
best natural vacation in the Western Ghats. "

everyone : " (without looking back) F*** Y**

This trip was memorable. Planning the next one..any suggestions ??