Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Take Lite :D

for a certain reason (which I can't write down here), I didn't wish to study at all for test one. Although every year its the same story, but this time, even few days before my exams, I didn't get the feel!

I was so lost in my thoughts (again...I can't tell, what thoughts) and was so happy for something , that I took my test 1 lite :)

To be more specific, I will tell you, what exactly does take lite means!

I hadn't attend any classes, except pracs, and was almost unaware of my subjects. And even when only few days were left for my exams, I didn't open my book. I took it lite, watched movies, installed few games, and slept a lot.

When you have no worries, no tension and you are prepared for getting zero marks in every subject, then you are taking it lite :)

DECO Paper : I knew few things, b'cos of pracs; took me 5 mins to spill out what I knew, waited for the attendance sheet to come, signed it, and left the examination hall in 20 mins.

MICRO Paper : Paper was at 4pm, got up at 3 pm, no idea what was there in this subject, opened the first lec slide, read the course objective and then happily went to give the exam; this time 10 mins ;)

EDIC : it went avg, paper was easy, i knew the basic formulas.

OPTI : 3-4 hrs of study, paper was lengthy but easy, went avg.

EMEC : no preparation,10 mins before the exam I memorized one question that was likely to come; it came :) won't get zero.

CONTROL SYSTEM : got one day gap, played pocket tanker a lot, didn't study at all, paper was in the evening, got up at 12 noon, studied for 2-3 hrs, it went sexy, answered all the questions.

(all papers were of one hour duration)

Believe me, its fun, its relaxing, its so much exciting, different, and feel good thing to Take Lite!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

meeting an old friend

It was unexpected. On one fine evening, I got a call from a local landline number. And it was my old good friend Rohit, Delhi.

We met almost after two years! It was fun, little booze on the beach and lots of gossip; and luckily we also enjoyed a good firework show on the beach. A group of young girls and boys were making the sky colourful :)

When I returned back to college, I got myself in some serious trouble, though I managed to get out of it easily :)

Next day, Rohit came to my college, I showed him around, and later that day he boarded his bus back to Mumbai; to continue his "studies" ;)

yo man !!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a chit chat

Oh, wow !! I don't beleive this !! I could never imagine that I am in goa for the past 2 years, and haven't heard about Arambol Beach in Goa. Thanks to dear friend Ashok, and his habit of reading newspapers in detail, especially the small corner articles.

Nooo, he isn't a good reader, he just wants to get back all the money he pays for the newpaper ;)

Oh...so the beach ! and why was I surprised so much ?

Ashok comes to my room this afternoon. And

Ashok : (smiling) read this. (forwarding me few pages of a newspaper)

Me : What's this ? BT ?

Me : (reading the article)

the Top 10 beaches of the World

1.Las Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain

2. Tayrona national park, Colombia

3. Porto da Barra, salvador, Brazil

4. Anywhere on Palawan, the Philippines

5.Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania

6.Arambol, Goa , India



Me : (doesn't read further) What ?? (surprised !!)

Ashok : (Smiling) and we have never heard of this beach!

Me : (still surpirsed and shocked) How come yaar, too much !

Ashok : Think, the world's sixth best beach is in Goa, and we have never heard of that. Shame !

Ankit: (still surprised)

Taatparya : " do saal se Goa mein mara rahe hai hum sab "

Conclusion : " for the last two years, we have been screwing up our lives in Goa"

PS : I know that In the Pic I am not Reading the above mentioned Article :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

new addiction

I shouldn't have asked for an inbuilt web cam in my laptop. Now, I developed one more useless new addiction of clicking my pics.

Hope it doesn't last long.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the best trip

Among all the trips with college friends, the 'trip to Palolem Beach' (during first semester) was the best. It was so good and we had had so much fun!

But still, we never went there again; its too far away from our college.

Whenever I remember that wonderful trip, I watch this video :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Its sexy

So, here's my story. Long back (second semester), I brought my bro's PC here, and became one of the very few first year students who had PC at that time. Its a trend that students here usually buy a PC only after they complete their first year in the college ! And so, I was happy and proud !

But , my happiness didn't last , not more than a sem. After the semester break when I came back to my college as a second year guy, on the very first day, my comp crashed. I tried everything, but it didn't work. And even the "expert" technicians failed, and asked me to change my motherboard. I gave up. And kept that crap in my room unused for the whole semester, and finally packed it to home.

I was without a PC for almost a year. It was very difficult initially but slowly and as time passed I managed and adjusted to the new life, a life without a PC !

Every time I used to login from my friend's PC , I have to be very sure that , I uncheck the 'remember my password on this computer' box. And to log off while leaving his room. This was difficult, and friends had played with my ID a lot many times. Played in the sense, putting up weird status, chatting flirting with campus girls, etc. And again, I molded myself more; let them play, who cares ! Sometimes I myself enjoyed watching them playing with my account ;)

And then, on 17th Aug 07 (fifth sem) , I ordered my laptop. And after waiting impatiently for 21 days, I got it today. It feels so cool and calm now. A new life has begun. A life in which I can proudly check the box 'remember my password in this computer' and feel safe ;)

Thank you dad and thanx bro :)

so happy :)

I finally got my laptop today. I am so happy. Its so sexy.

A new life begins.

I will write more soon.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The whole DATING thing !

Dating ?? What !! Have you gone nuts ? Hey listen I am not that type of girl/boy who dates. And God! this is India. Dating is not socially acceptable. Or may be not now, I am not ready and I don't like the idea of dating. Blah blah blah..

This is what you will hear generally, when you ask people for a date. But the fact is, almost everyone dates, but they don't want it to give a name. They date , but they don't want to believe the fact that they are dating. They just ignore this part.

Opposite sex attracts, they talk, they meet again, and again, and more frequently. They share a lot, and yet they don't agree that they are dating.

May be its a social taboo (I don't think so) or something. But ya, most of the people are not comfortable with the term 'dating'.

I suggest you, its better to go and date, rather than asking one out for a date. Start dating, without mention 'the word'.

Anyways , I don't need to date, so why bother ? ;)

PS : No personal experiences involved ;)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

RGV ki AAG sucks !

Please do not watch this movie in theater , even if you are getting a free ticket. The movie sucks big time. Even when I am a hardcore Amitabh Bacchan fan, I couldn't bear the movie. RGV proved again that he sucks !

Anyways driving was fun. All wet in the rain, and driving against it.

I m happy today :) Cheers ;)