Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bhamri Speaks

(These are the posts where friends speak about me )


So let me get started from the time when we 1st met.

1st Meeting!

It was our tutorial class (yahan jana to ab bhool hi gaye hai) , when he came up to me and talked. Waise agar ye nahi aata to hamari shayad kabhi baat bhi nahi hoti…..but I was lucky that he came, kyunki, without him college life won't have been so exciting and adventurous.

The Love Letter Massacre!!!

knock knock...."bhamri I need to write a letter for G****P**** , because I won't be able to study without telling her my feelings" ( mujhe kya pata tha ki ye to waise bhi nahi kabhi padne wala). So we all helped him writing a Love Letter with his true feelings( lolz).

Hey, the major contribution was from my side as I gave him some of the lines from my previous writings. But something was missing ...and then I came up with the idea of finishing up the letter using blood and it was HIS BLOOD ( for some fools who still think that it was not his )

Then the ultimate drama followed this letter, and after that our group came into being :)

So after this we were together for most of our time ( saath saath rehkar EEE ka topper jo ban na tha) and we had gr8 fun together!

I Speak : Saari pole khol di tune sabke saamney ;) And by the way, your 'writing with blood' idea sucked big time :P , infact I think that was the reason I got rejected :P


Our Daring act!!
The Lipton Tea Party

Getting restricted in the hostel after 10:30pm and sitting hungry for hrs during night outs (waise saari raatein hi nite out thi) made us to do 1 of the daring and publicly acknowledged act in the history of BPGC. We made a poster with the tag line "Is it a jail we are living in?" and then jotted down the problems we were facing along with open public poll.

The response was gr8 (well not much appreciated by the faculty and Director). But it ultimately led to some of changes in the campus for which all our fellow mates should be thankful to.

Well I must say only he was the one person along with me who never thought of backing out from this. We were the one who faced comments from most of our faculty members at the lipton and specially from our very dear KICCHHU.

But it was really gr8!

Well there were many other things like crossing the campus boundary.....jumping out of the hostel after midnight for stealing milk packets from the mess and so on....chahe so raha hota tha par dood ka naam sunte hi uth jata tha.

I Speak : I still remember that night of outrage. (And to whomsoever it may concern, you can't fine me reading bout the milk stealing and all, because he is just kidding ;)


Well 1st year was a gr8 fun with him.... 3rd sem was different.....different in the sense ki we enjoyed studying for a change. We both along with Pophali used to study together in Pophali's room just a day before the exam. Well the effort put in by 3 of us was almost the same but not the results....pops got 9gpa ,myself 8 and vatsa 7.

But all of us were equally satisfied with it.

I Speak : Don't say that, Pophli was more sincere that both of us.


It was compete fun for the 1st 2yrs of our college life....then she came into his life....finally! (waise koi ummed nahi thi koi ladki iski gf at last he became committed)

From then onwards most of the times he is either chatting or talking to her.

And not to forget the bad habits to which he is addicted to ( iske hisaab se sab lite hai) bas keval 2-3 baar pakda hi to gaya ....aur Pranjal ki bike wapis ghar pahucha di , aur visits to AVK frequent ho gayi.

Baki no need to mention about his artistic talents.....of which evry1 is aware.

So that's VATSA for you.

I Speak : Hey , I am not for sale ;) (I was once .... but I got picked)


Now advice to him for the future......

"College life was really lite and so were you, but can't say same about the try to change yourself, not for others sake but for your own good."

I Speak : I will , definitely, I will.

Holi 2008

This holi I didn't make the mistake of sleeping in my room. I went out with friends, to play holi in open. One good things here is that, whole campus plays holi at the same place, which makes it even more fun.

"Applying hard colours, tearing tee shirts, throwing people into water tank, pouring buckets of water, playing with mud, dancing, shouting and enjoying. This year, it was the real holi, holi filled with all the wonderful colours !"

I enjoyed a lot, doesn't matter anyone wishes you or not, what matters is that you wish them and play with them. Also some of my friends were hiding in their rooms, but they finally failed to escape!

We had a nice lunch (beer and chicken) and little whisky and thandai (prepared by ours favorite cook bhamri) in the evening :)

Back to hostel after playing holi
(from left : me, shomu, don, uday, ashok and pranjal)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dhruv Speaks

(These are the posts where friends speak about me)

You, soumadeep(16) and me, used to hunt for the best amonst the worst girls, Aa*****'s incidence, G**** wali letter, seniors threating to kick ur ass, Soumadeep's greak skills of guitar, Sucharita's b'day party, all that pranks with 16 and with our dearest behna......
Does that ring ne bell??

Yes it was the first sem, the most happening one, Gosh I still miss those days............

ANKIT VATSA, jispe saari ladhkiyan marti hain (LOL).....,,, is a very energetic, full of life person, with a grt artistic skills.....illogical arguments mein saale ki mastry hain...kuch bhi karega, har cheeze ko defend karta hai , aur 5 logo ko saath mein le leta hai....

DON ki zindagi ki to acchi watt lagayi hai tune......

Neways, you wont get bored even for a single second , if you are with him....kuch na kuch karte rehta hai....padhai likhai ki to m**-b**** ek ki hui hai.....
kitabey tak nahin kareedta.....

Remember all those days.....jab , campus se khud ke gaye the, the train incidence(aanchal),the break up letter,,,bhamri ke ID se msgs karna, don ki leni (rinkal ka naam lekar), and the list is eternal n endless

But now his life is setteled..I think, I think hes in love now.... bahut baat karta hai, ab to zada dikhta bhi nahi, bas net , phone , movies aur girl friend... aur kuch nahi hai iski life mein.....

above all, whatever he is , we all love him .....he has been a great person but even better frnd..

You rock dude... just be wat you are !

I Speak : Sab yaad hai yaar, senti kiyon ho raha hai ;)

A Kid's Bday party :D

I don't know, may be after 10 years or so, today I attended a "Kids BDay Party" ! He is my Mam's son - Abhigya ( intelligent) .

The last 'Birthday Party' I remember, was of course mine, when I was 7 or 8 yrs old (I don't have such strong memory; I have a video of that ! ) The birthday caps, the balloons, the toffees inside them, and small kids all around with eyes focussed on the big cake.

It was like, hmmm I was also a kid once and used to celebrate my b'day like this and you can't stop smiling. I had almost forgotten that this kind of b'day parties also exist :)

It was fun and refreshing. Thanks Mam. Happy Birthday Abhigya. Have a nice time unwrapping your gifts ;)

PS : The kid is really cute

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thank You :D

A Unique Google Search

There are many keywords which if you type in your google search, will lead to my blog. I get a track of all that keywords. (icerocket)

And the most interesting one I found is : lost virginity in goa

The fourth result which google finds, leads to 'best days' :D

Update : Now it gives the link to this post. Earlier it was the college post.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Birth Day Update (2)

(Missed mentioning my Bro's name in the last post;actually I noticed his SMS today morning )

Thanks Bro (SMS) (Perfect timing)


Today was a no special day. I went to the boring lab, then I had my presentation, after that I watched a BBC Documentary on Casting Couch in Bollywood and then I slept.

I woke up, had my dinner and slept. I am awake now writing this post.
No beer, no whisky, no fag, no fun :|

Oh, those who wished me today !

6. Thanks Mom Thanks Dad (Early Morning Wishes - Phone)

7. Thanks Harsh (phone)

8. Thanks Mintoo Chacha Thanks Chachi (phone)

9. Thanks Panda (in person)

10. Thanks boxer and neeraj (in person)

11. Thanks Vnv (in person)

12. Thanks Jazzy (in person)

13. Thanks Prateek (in person)

Still an hour remains ! I am counting :)

PS: All those who scraped me, please don't delete them for not mentioning your name here ;) Thanks to all of them too :D

Update :

14. Thanks Soumya (gltak) (belated)

BirthDay Update

Well, I started getting birthday wish scraps, one day in advance (nothing exceptional). I would like to mention those who personally wished me birthday and thank them for making my day.

1. Thanks Ivy (gtalk) [30 mins early]

2. Thanks Sis (phone) [15 mins early - She said, that she called before time, because, I probably be busing talking to my girlfriend at midnight]

3. Thanks Sweetheart (phone) [perfect timing :)]
Thanks Bro (SMS) [Perfect timing :)]

4. Thanks Friends (Gaurav, Reddy, Shomu, Dhruv, Adi, Loki, Popli, Bhamri, Ashok, Pranjal, Don, Uday and Govil [the ones who wished me face to face and got me a birthday cake!]

5. Thanks Smriti (gtalk)

Right now, I have no special plans for tomorrow :( . I would be going to Lab, and Ad&Sales class (have to give a presentation). Will plan out tomorrow itself, how to spend my b'day evening :)

Oh, I got a b'day gift as well from Ashok : 2 wills classic menthol :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why you shouldn't smoke

And when I thought everything is cool, I got a notice, stating : I violated campus disciplinary rules, and have been charged a fine of Rs. 500/-

So sad :( Sob

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Soumya Speaks

Soumya Speaks :

Ankit Vatsa - "main kameena hoon m** ch****"

He is unique ( like all his friends ) Pisses evrybody off by simply his body language. Ek waqt tha jab mujhe laga ki coll ke baaki saare bande isse laath maarke bhaga denge. Maano iske muh pe hi likha ho ki mai kameena hoon. But d truth is dat he's d coolest guy in campus. Isse lite banda ho hi nahi sakta. His motto - m** ch***** duniya daari !

Just give him food, booze, fags n a laptop wid DC runnin and u wont hear frm him for days. Like Ashok said, yeh bahut bada haraami hai. Par yeh utna hi bada aalsi bhi hai. Hostel se mess aur mess se hostel hi karta rehta hai.

He's really creative. Har saal Zephyr FashP mein hostel ki izzat isi ke chalte bachti hai. Par iske alawa yeh kahin aur nahin dikhega. Apni creativity se sirf apne aur gf ke wallpapers aur cards banata rehta hai. Yeh kisi event mein pahunch jaye to maano bhagwaan aagaye. Sirf tabhi jaata hai jab isse sahi mein interest ho (Photography etc) ya paise kheechne ho!

Iske logics ke bhi kya kehne...CG ki tho gaand maar hi rakhi hai. Phir bhi Dell Bosch aur najaane kahaan kahaan resume bhej diya..aukaat! I pray dat he gets a gud job (even tho I kno he will) nahi to iske bacche ya to bhuke marenge ya kho jaayenge!

He has an excellent sense of humour and is really intelligent. Bahut bada haraami bhi hai. Apna fayda zaroor dekhega. Not dat he isnt a gud frnd - he is, but he'll def pocket sumthin frm u...Kitni baar coll mein pakda gaya hai par ek paisa tak fine nahi dala. Jab bhi pakda jaata hai chup chap nikal leta hai. Par ek din yeh bahut bura phasegaa I can guarantee you dat.

Bond bana phirta hai par gf se ek call aajaye to kone mein chup chap bait jayegaa aur chuhe ki tarah kui kui karta rahega. Ladkiyon ke baare mein bhi bata deta par uske liye ek alag hi chapter chahiye...

You can nevr b bored wen u r arnd him...A very gud frnd and a very cool guy. Hope ye kabhi na sudhre... Aur haan, apni hi taareefein sunne sunnane mein bhi isse bada mazaa aata hai...isliye likhwata rehta hai testimonials hum sabse !

I Speak : Kaafi acchi tarif kari tuney :)
Friends really do write decent testimonials, don't they ? ;)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ashok Speaks

Ankit Vatsa - The Looooooser

Has never ever won a single game of Counter-Strike against me (in around say 1000 games)... My last words after every game "yet another victory.." will keep haunting him whenever he plays CS.
Other than playin CS.. The only this he does is watching movies,TV series.. I dunno how can one keep staring at his laptop 24x7 !!

To say something about him, first very very obvious things which everyone is gonna say " he is very creative n bla bla bla..." Read others testimonial for more such crap..
This bitch gives all the stupid logics u can ever think of to justify his point.. and he is a pakka bihari in terms of daaru,sutta.. can't survive without it.. One of his feature which 'll take him way ahead in his career is "Amdani athanni, kharcha rupaiya " Zeb mein ek rupiya ho na ho.. khane pine mein koi kami nai honi chahiye..

As far as gals are concerned.. Kisi ka dar nai hai ise.. Ladki pe dil aaya nai ki propose maar deta hai.. Fortunately he is settled now th his new gf.. otherwise pata nai kitni ladkiyon ka jeena haram kar deta..
Haramipanti mein mere se b ek kadam aage hai... Jab tak khud ka kuch faida nai hota, kuch b nai karta..

Few common traits we share and which sticks us together is Chilling attitude in terms of our CGPA & Life.. Koi tension nai hai zindagi mein... Jo hoga dekha jaega..

And finally.. Fultoo timepass hai.. Its cool to hang out wid him.. pata nai ye nai hota to bits mein mera kya hota..!!
(waise shayad mai fir 10p hota ;) Bitch fuels to screw my cgpa every sem.. )

Stay in touch bastard.. At least scrap me whenever you read this.. and ya.. hope u get a job, b'cos I won't be able to finance your fags n drinks anymore..

I speak : I will remember all the hard words you used ;) will use it in writing yours.
And I have won many times, I know that., you know that.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Govil Speaks

Ok we are discussing about Mr.Vatsa the chilled guy!!!

I have never seen him getting panicked by any damn thing, whatever may come by ,he is not affected.I met him on 8,august 2005. He was my first friend on campus (except two school friends).
I interacted with him, he was very clear about his thoughts even that time. He was cool and told me stories of his hometown.

Soon he was the hunk of the college. People were impressed by his cool looks and his style (girls use to die on him).
He is and was very courageous then. He proved it by issuing list of the most talked about girls in campus and proposing a girl; within few month of joining ( unfortunately it was rejected),but we still remember that great incidence.

His innovation
has no boundaries. I use to see him working on various things and the best part, he produce "class things " but only when wants to work.! He is a bit lazy about few things, but still innovation has no boundaries( whole college still remember the great Zephyr'06 design of his for Ah-3). He is very clear at his heart, hides nothing from his friends.

Happiest day of his life was
when he heard that "S*****" was coming (his gf) to Goa. He planned various things using his creativity and innovations.
I remember all the days when we all use to sit and discuss. And the most difficult work was/is to convince Vatsa on anything.

At last,the best part about the guy is his friendship.
Dude always b the way u r.

I speak : "Girls use to die on him " - This is too much ;)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Most Boring Sem

Each day is like a hell. So bored ! Complete jobless, and I all of the time I am looking ways to kill time.

Reasons why this semester sucks !

I have totally no job to do.

I can hardly improve my CG now.

I miss her like hell.

Lost interest in everything.

Most of the friends are busy in GRE or CAT.

Life is still.

And only one thing in mind, when would I start earning.?