Monday, December 11, 2006

End of Sem III

Another sem ends...

Tomorrow is my last exam , and with that the sem ends. First sem was fun with 6 cg, second was little less fun and with 7cg, and this sem was least fun or should I say boring! And now I don't care about cg!

Each and every single thing we do is to make ourself happy. THINK!

People who study here and get good marks are happy; they study only because they want to gain happiness. They think of getting decent jobs, which make them happy, they know that their parents would be happy, which in turn make them happy. They know that people around them would appreciate them, love them which again make them happy!

People who don't study, they are happy too, they have their different visions. They bunk classes, play games, gossip, surf, do everything except studying, and this make them happy. Yes of course getting good marks will make them happy too, but for them happiness from other things are much more than that of getting good marks!

Ok let me ask you, why do you do anything? Say, I sit in front of library with my friends almost every night. This of course gives me happiness. You play , you tease your friends, you drink coffee, you walk , you run, you sleep, you study, you talk and every little thing you do makes you feel happy or if not you won’t do that thing. Simple!

Boys look out for girls, or girls look out for boys, they date, talk about their crushes, propose, all such things give happiness. Imagine a boy, who attends classes only to see the girl he likes, this of course gives him happiness, he thinks about her, which makes him happy.

Some times you say that you are doing something to make others happy, but that in turn makes you happy, thinking that you have done something for him.

So now, its up to you, to decide what makes you happy? Walking alone on a lonely road? dancing in the rain? studying under table lamp? gossiping with friends? talking on phone? teasing others? sleeping? flirting? or writing blog the night before examination ?

P.S. Its a personal view, so no compulsion that you beleive this.