Tuesday, April 22, 2008

farewell :D

It was not a grand farewell party, but it was fun. Now it seems the time has come when we have to step into the real world and be practical ;)

Here are few memorable pics.

top(from left): me, ashok, reddy, uday, guarav
middle(from left): pranjal, lokki, don, dhruv

bottom(from left): panda, bhamri, adi

adi, mohanti and myself

pranjal(left) lokesh(right)

bhamri(left) govil(right)

PS: No girl's pic. Believe me, none of them were looking good.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Class Of 2009

Made three design for the batch t-shirt (class of 2009).

Monday, April 14, 2008

Mozilla Tee Competition

There was an event organized by mozilla firefox. People all over the world were asked to make T-shirt desings for mozilla which should convey three or one of the following three things.
1. Security
2. Openness
3. Creativity and Flexibility

Here are the few designs contributed from my side. To see my full contribution click here.

Friday, April 04, 2008

A Puppy's Tale

These days I don’t sleep until I have my morning breakfast. It was around 6 A.M. I had wasted the night looking at my laptop screen. A friend (Reddy) dropped in, “Chal , lets go to SAC and play badminton” .

It was still dark outside. The hostel gate was locked. And we had to take some pain till we reached SAC (Students Activity Centre).

As we were playing, a puppy entered the room, walked in very casually, and leaving the two other courts, he came and sat in the middle of the court where we were playing! I tried to push him with my legs, but he resisted. I didn’t try hard, I was afraid; he wasn’t a very small puppy afterall.

Shuu..Shuu..hatt hatt .. goooo . He was determined to stay there, as if he was saying to us – “ Now its my turn..tu hatt” . Some how after ‘arguing’ a little we were finally able to move him outside the line. But that fucking dog (now I call him dog because he didn’t seem sweet anymore) took the extra shuttle cork in his mouth and started running towards the door! I ran fast, fast enough to close the door in time.

I was too afraid to pull the shuttle out of his dirty mouth. Reddy tried. He succeeded. And he put up the shuttle on the top of the net pole, far from the dog’s reach.

As I said, the dog was in mood. He came to the pole. Jumped (thank God he didn’t lift his one leg). He tried hard reaching the shuttle, but he was a puppy after all. An intelligent puppy though as he somehow managed to drop down the shuttle. And then, he ran again!
This time it was harder for us to get it out from him. At one point of time, we almost gave up. But finally we did get it back. Every dog has its day.

The dog was thrown out of the room. He tried getting in by pushing the chair; he managed to pop his head inside, but was pushed back again and then the door was bolted. Now do whatever!

He kept making noise, as if digging a way inside. Butat last, ‘the badminton player’ sat outside and became our only spectator, looking inside through a translucent glass !
PS: No one had a camera phone, or I would have shown you that the puppy was really cute.
Sorry puppy for callin you a fucking dog.