Sunday, October 28, 2007

cocktail parties

I don't drink often. And neither do I gulp a lot whenever I drink.
My favorite drink is not vodka, whiskey, gin or rum, but chilled beer :)

Since we (me and some of my friends who drink) were bored of drinking all these stuffs, we once tried cocktail. We found a software - College Bar -

You type in the things you have (rum, gin, whiskey, vodka, soda, coke, orange juice, etc) and it will give you the exact combination to make all the possible cocktails.

The cocktail thing was new to us. It was difficult to decide which one to make. And we had so many possible combinations! We decided to go by names. Sex on the beach ! Who won't go for that ! We don't have measuring cylinder, but who needed that, after all we are engineers and that too from "BITS Goa" !

That day, we tried three different cocktails, and believe me, they all tasted different and good.

Yesterday, we had the second cocktail party (after a gap of almost 2 months).This time we kept aside the college bar thing, just mixed abruptly little whiskey, little vodka, thums up, and mixed fruit juice. And wow! our new cocktail invention !

It was fun, it tasted very different and obviously it was sexy.

No, I am not a drunkard ! Don't say that, I had only two cocktail parties in my entire life.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

my weird theory

Note : Please don't read this post, if you are a "weak" person, or it will deviate you from your studies.

So, its the test time again ! "Thank God "

Since childhood we have been told to - Study, study hard, get better marks, which will get you a better job and will make your future secure and happy.

Did you read that ? (getting good marks, will get you a better job). Is it so ? I don't think so ! In my college, even if you are a 6 pointer, or a 9.4 pointer, almost all will have the same starting salary and almost the same job
in some "bus companies" , and believe me, such companies are the only hope !

Oh, so you want to go for MS, then go for it. Study hard, get good CG, then study hard for two more years. And be happy. After that you go for MBA, and be happier. And if you do that, you cannot deny the fact that you are greedy for money!

So my theory says :

if :

i) 6 < X < 9,
ii) X != GRE interested, and
iii) X = student of BITS Goa

then, even if X studies a lot, he will land up in some bus company.

(it has been neglected that X wants to go for MBA, but even if he goes, still CG wont matter much)

Friday, October 26, 2007

I quit

Its natural that certain phase comes in your life time to time, it affects you, it changes you and it changes the things around you.

I started smoking last semester. There was no particular reason. I tried it, and I liked it, and so I continued it. It felt so good, so calm and relaxing. It was very rare last sem, but this semester, I fagged almost daily! (with only one, 20 days gap; it has another story) . And mind you, this semester is still not over yet.

I said , this semester is still not over yet, because from now on, I quit. Last night, I fagged my last three cigarettes.

During this phase, there were certain misunderstandings, things around me changed a bit, but it never affected me till yesterday!. Whatever happened , it shouldn't bother you, the important thing is that I quit. And when I say I quit, it means I quit.

This phase ends. It was a short one, it was very different, I wont say it was a bad one, because it brought me closer to someone :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

So .. whts up ?

Hmnnnn ... nothing much, I am fed up with the rashes, scratches, white dots, pus, etc etc on my face. I think a spider must have roamed about and pissed all over my face while I was sleeping ! The doc gave me some antibiotics, tablets to reduce the itching, and a gel to apply, two times daily, but I don't think its working ! I will have to see him again tomorow.

Its irritating, I haven't even wiped up my face properly for so many days now !

And ya, I forgot to mention about my four sweet days ! It was awesome, happy, and unforgettable ! I can't go in much detail here.

By the way, inter hostel event Zephyr is going on in our college, but this time I can't see much enthu among students. No crowds can be seen, no cheering for respective hostels, nothing! It may be probably due to the current electricity crisis we are witnessing in our college.

I took part in many events, and luckily got a second prize in spot sketching; don't dare ask me about the remaining events :) hehehe. Anyways I had fun, was busy for a day after a long long time ;)

Ummmm...thats it !

You say.....whts up ?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

that one moment in life

7th Oct , 8:00 AM . I just got up from bed, and haven't even brushed my teeth yet. I am so happy. This is the day I have been waiting for so long.

The day which I will never forget, not even after I die. This evening is going to be so memorable, fun, and romantic.

It will be perfect.

I have read somewhere, that there is always a moment in ones life, which he never forgets, and even when he turns old, looses all his respect, pride and money, he still smiles recollecting the moment.

For me these four days is going to become the moment which will make my life complete, give me eternal happiness and always keep me smiling.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Truly Madly Deeply....

...and you know what comes next.

I cant think of anything else right now, except one thing. The coming few days, will be one of the best moments of my life.

This feeling cannot be expressed in words. But ya, it surely reflects in my eyes.

I am waiting...