Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Short time at home

Got very few days to spend in at home, but it was cool. Got to meet bro, sis, mom and dad, and after almost a year we all were together.

And to raise my spiritual power, we went to Tarapeeth, West Bengal ( Goddess Durga temple). It was a two days trip. Bro was driving all the way making us all scared, but luckily nothing 'wrong' happened ;). And almost all the time it was raining and raining :) . Walked on bare feet for miles, and stayed in queue for 3 hrs to get a chance to touch the feet of the idol.

I prayed and asked something, lets see if I get what I had asked for, and that will prove my "bhakti".

Also went to my grandparent's place. Felt so good there, the mango tree, and the biggest mango I have ever seen, and of course the sweetest one too. And the love and affection I get there,, oh I miss u so much daadi baba !!

And then, today, back to college. Lets see. whats in store for me this sem!

Got these pics clicked in home.

Monday, July 30, 2007

back to clg

Feels good when you are back to your home. Ya my college is my home, for two more years I suppose. Meeting with friends, etc etc.

Train journey was tiring tough !

Anyways got my cg card.








Net cg 6.78

Will write more soon :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Leaving Hyderabad

Finally PS over, and thanks to Abhijeet who made me reach the station in time. (I had almost missed my train).

Any ways , those 50 days were ok types, like a normal holiday in hyderabad! But the last two days were fun. Lots of people came to my uncle's place, including my bro and sis. And lots of gossips , fun , etc.

Unfortunately Hyderabad offers nothing to see, but still we went to some parks, lake , etc. Thats it. PS ended, and hopefully I get an 'A' grade :)

me and my chachi

Me and my uncle in NTR Park

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guess What ??

I sent this pic to orkut , and guess what ? They said that they will put it up in orkut login page ! Since its the first time somebody is sending a pic, so its ok with them .

Heres the pic, and I know all of them :)

who do u know ?  hmnnn... i know all :)

And so, next time when you login, don't be shocked to see this page !

can you see the password there ;) ?

hehehe .. JUST KIDDING

Sunday, July 01, 2007

elements of life

There are somethings, which we always remember. And it's not always necessary that it's something big, say - your girlfriend's B'day or may be how you proposed her on Valentines day or may be your first day in college or any such BIG things! Sometimes you also remember, small incidents for long or may be forever, and you yourself don't know, what makes them so special!

Yesterday, I was watching Omkara, and I remembered that I had won a bet of Rs. 50 with a friend, on the point that Nassuridin Shah is also there in the movie.

I have almost written all the memorable incidents of my college, which I will never forget (and if I do, I will read my blog). But here are some small ones, which were not so big, but ya I still remember!

Once on dandiya night, me and Pranjal, emptied the vodka bottle, which Ashok had been preserving in his room for long, so that he could drink it that night; and we replaced it with water, that too from wash basin (we were in a hurry). That night he had little doubt, and he came to know somehow, and when we went to his room, he was so angry, he opened the door and threw the bottle down so forcefully, that it broke down into several million pieces! Oh my God, I could have lost my toe !
And next morning he was cool :
me : "gussa toh thik tha...per bhai..pair kat jaati toh...bottle itni zor se pheka, pagal hai kya tu ??!! "
ashok : "mujhe pata tha..tabhi side mein pheka!! hehehe"
But ofcourse he was lying.

When Bhamri shouted at me, and said he will throw all the stuff he was cooking on my face, because I was teasing him in the name of 'the girl' .It was so unexpected. And ofcourse he don't remember this, but I do :)

When I smoked for the first time, with Pranjal, lying on the isolated street in our campus, and facing the sky! It was so cool uncool :)

When 'she' came to me and talked for the first time !

When 'she' (this 'she' is different from the above 'she') sent me a friend request;orkut :)

When 'she' (this 'she' is again different from the above 'she') sent me a friend request;orkut :) I didn't recognize her at first, but ya, now, I know her even better than I know me :) or i think so ! And all the moments which we....... oh leave it , its personal ;)

Little fight with Ashok, because he played notoriously with my orkut account.

I gifted a 5Rs jumping green platic frog with velvet coating to my friend Lokeshwar ! turning the key made it hopp :)

Me , Bhamri , and Jazzy went to the isolated place, just behind to our campus, to see the little pond, which we later came to know was because of sewage water of our campus! The pond was really big !

And, when Kushal, Bhamri and Me, jumped over our campus boundary to go to the river, and how Kushal was unable to climb up the small boundary wall!

I was leaving for home, and I had some beer bottles to throw, I kept it in a polythene bag, and thought I will throw it , once I am outside the campus. I put my my entry in the register at the security gate, took my suitcase, and was on my way to station! And phew, the bottle bag, I left it at the security gate. Fuck!! Ok relax, chill, my name was not printed on that bag, and there were so many people checking out then !!! So .. which bag ?? I don't know, It wasn't mine ! :)

Of course there are many more things, and you remember them at some point or the other, like when you watch Omkara, you remember 'the bet' and when you have an open book test, you remember your friend, who took a different book in the exam, because both were red in color and looked similar! And what more, even he searched for the answers in that book, till he realized that, Oh God..what a shit !

May be these incidents (big/small - pleasant/unpleasant) are the elements of life, who knows !