Tuesday, December 11, 2007

end of a sem

I didn't blog much, or truly I didn't do anything this semester. Academics was taken lite, not much extra-curricular activities (except little in Zephyr - inter hostel event ) and just a single outing with friends.

The treats (Ginzaa & ATA) seem so monotonous now, it makes no difference, as if it's a part of a normal routine. I am not saying that this sem was boring, in fact it was my best sem ever ! And what made this sem wonderful has nothing to do with my college. Its rather personal :)

So , plans for next sem ?

I was not sure of what I will be doing in future. I am still in doubt, but I have got a little idea about it, and if it works out well , then I have to be serious in the coming sem. Its always the same story : At the end of each semester a student thinks that he will work hard next semester and get good grades, but as soon as it starts, its the same old story again.
There are always some exceptions , may be I will be the one ;)

And also, if you see, the next sem will be like the last sem of the college. I will try to engage myself in as many extra - curricular activities as I can. God knows, whether I am writing these out of normal feelings which comes at the end of a sem or these are my true determined feelings.

Well then, bbye friends, see you next sem. Enjoy the winter vaccations, Merry Christmas.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Telephone operated remote control using PIC16F84A microcontroller

I successfully completed this project under my COP course this semester.

The project deals with the programming of PIC 16F84A so that it could be used in the circuit to control relays using telephone. Also the hardware implementation is done to make it a proper working circuit.

This design controls up to 8 devices using a PIC microcontroller (PIC16F84A) connected to the phone line. The unique feature here is that unlike other telephone line based remote control, this device does not need the call to be answered at the remote end so the call will not be charged. This device depends on number of rings given on the telephone line to activate/deactivate devices.

Once the PIC is programmed and is connected to the circuit, we can actually control the appliances by just giving certain number of rings on telephone to which it is attached. Its like a universal remoter control, and you can control appliances or any other circuit from anywhere in the world !

Note : It required 16F84A microcontroller, MCT2E optocoupler, NE555 timer, 7805C regulator IC, some resistors, capacitors, transistors, crystal (4MH0z), DIP Switch, relays and diodes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I needed to write in something, I don't know what ! May be I should write about Mittal's concept that most of the girls name end with an "a" or an "i" or may be about the things going in my head, while having my breakfast this morning. It was like, to search for some real reasons we are here (earth) for, rather than regular human life of growing up, earning, getting married, having few kids, and then dying.

Or may be I should write about how much I miss her , and want to be with her. I don't know what to write. I really don't know.

Well , one thing for sure , that I have to write exams pretty soon, so I better study. But again , there's a big question - why should one study ?

Monday, November 12, 2007

i louve tequila :)

This diwali vacation was too much fun !

I will continue from my last post. After burning crackers, I went to my friend's room, had two sips of vodka, and started watching some movie. I myself don't remember when did I sleep that night.

And the next two days were already planned.

The Escape

Bhamri, Dhruv and I didn't take permission to stay out of the campus during night. But it was planned that we had to go out, and join Uday, Pranjal, Ashok, Soumyadeep and Don, who were already staying near baga beach. They had the permission and had left the campus on diwali evening itself.

We are not one of those who don't stick to their plans ! ;) We decided to jump, jump out of the boundary wall, the "risky" and "dangerous" boundary walls of BPGC. :) No, really, the boundaries are difficult and some where impossible to cross. But ya, there are always some weak points. And luckily we knew it, or almost everyone of this campus knows!

We jumped out during broad day light, with no fear, no worries and no guilt. After all we are third yearites now.

It was fun, and dhruv enjoyed it the most :)

The Bike

Earlier it was decided that we will hire an open jeep, but it was dropped because we wouldn't have utilized it fully. And I was bored of driving pulsar every time, so this time I tried something new and cool. Can you see it in the pic ? ;)

Though it was difficult to drive, not because its heavy but because its system is exactly opposite (leg brake is on left side) and also the front hand brake didn't work. But it was fun riding this. The sound was ultimate...dhad dhad dhad dhad dhad...I didn't have to blow horn, people themselves gave way by hearing the sound ! And you can feel its power while driving uphill. Instead of slowing down, it picked up while ascending the hill :)

The Pub

Baga beach area is the most happening place of Goa. Calangute beach, baga beach, wagator, aguada fort, discos (titos, mambos, etc ) and everything you can think of, are just about 10 mins distance from the place !

We had booked one room. We got all dressed up, applied all kind of lotions and face packs, and headed toward Titos (the famous disco of Goa). And ya, before that, in the evening, we enjoyed the ocean bath at calangoote.

No stag entry, only couples or single girls allowed in both Titos and Mambo. There was a huge crowd, so many boys waiting for girls, lot many foreigners, couples and single men waiting for single girls to get in. You got the idea .. right ?

I was not interested in going to disco. All I wanted was to get drunk. And it was too difficult to get in. I rather preferred to get into a pub and so did soumyadeep. After seeing the crowd near Titos, me and soumya went to the pub ( a 24 hr food court included that pub).

Pranjal and Ashok got inside the disc, with the help of some sexy foreigners. Rest all joined us in the pub after a while

The pub was sexy, with good music, the long pillows, and cocktails . The atmosphere was awesome. I enjoyed with few beer bottles, fags, and tequila shots. Soumyadeep and Don ordered few cocktails (long island ice tea, screw driver, blue lagoon, margarita, pinacolada) , rest all breezers and fast food.

It was awesome :)

CCD was very close by to that pub, so we also checked in there :)

The beach

Remember ... the world's 6th best beach I mentioned about ? The Arambol beach. We went there the next morning. The beach was really good with less but quality crowd ;)

We were too tired till then, packed our bags, and returned back.

And we three (the escape heroes) didn't cross the boundary again to get inside the campus. Instead we walked bravely inside through the main gate.

It was a trip to remember !

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I don't remember when did I last celebrate diwali with my family! This diwali I stayed in campus, last diwali I was in banglore and last to last diwali I was in BPGC ;) I don't remember much, but for almost four to five years I am "celebrating" diwali with friends.

Anyways this time it was a bit different. On diwali, I usually sleep during the day, and then at night I see others burning their money and enjoying ! When I was a child , I too enjoyed burning crackers, rockets, etc, but for the last few diwalis I assume that I have grown up and I shouldn't waste money on crackers !

I got up at 8 in the morning. No, not because it was diwali, but because I had an outdoor shooting . Thank God, two of my good friends, Bhamri (acting - one of the five) and Dhruv"T" (videography) were also in the crew.

It was too hot and sunny, good for shooting but nuisance for us. We did shooting on wagator fort, wagator beach, calangoute beach, panjim and then came back to college. Seeing these places I felt little sad and longing (personal reasons :) Anyways , it was a full day trip and it was exhausting and tiring.

Uhh.. it was diwali, and we were not getting the feel of the festive season. Oh..I forgot to mention, while the crew were packing up at inox, me and bhamri sneaked out to buy some crackers. He bought all the big crackers (1000 lari, big rockets that make a lighting pattern when they go up, few bombs, crackles, etc). I was just accompanying him :)

As soon as we reached back to campus, we took a shower, and went to the Laxmi puja. This diwali was of course better than the previous diwalis of campus! At around 10:30 we started burning the crackers.

Our crackers were sexy. I enjoyed a lot, specially the 1000 wali ladi :) After a long, I got one diwali , I will remember for long.


Remember the campus life movie, I was going to make in 3rd semester? Well..., it was never completed ! ;)

And in this semester (5th) I am acting in a college movie titled 'FIVE', and I am one of the five.

Basically it's a normal campus life movie, of five friends (each of them depicting different elements of nature), how they met, and the regular college stuffs.

We have to complete this movie in a very short time - the last few days were hectic. We had taken so many shots in a single day. Anyways its fun, since I have nothing else to do, at least now I got something !

It will take few more weeks to complete the shooting. And then a week for editing and stuffs.
Hope it comes out well ! :)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

cocktail parties

I don't drink often. And neither do I gulp a lot whenever I drink.
My favorite drink is not vodka, whiskey, gin or rum, but chilled beer :)

Since we (me and some of my friends who drink) were bored of drinking all these stuffs, we once tried cocktail. We found a software - College Bar -

You type in the things you have (rum, gin, whiskey, vodka, soda, coke, orange juice, etc) and it will give you the exact combination to make all the possible cocktails.

The cocktail thing was new to us. It was difficult to decide which one to make. And we had so many possible combinations! We decided to go by names. Sex on the beach ! Who won't go for that ! We don't have measuring cylinder, but who needed that, after all we are engineers and that too from "BITS Goa" !

That day, we tried three different cocktails, and believe me, they all tasted different and good.

Yesterday, we had the second cocktail party (after a gap of almost 2 months).This time we kept aside the college bar thing, just mixed abruptly little whiskey, little vodka, thums up, and mixed fruit juice. And wow! our new cocktail invention !

It was fun, it tasted very different and obviously it was sexy.

No, I am not a drunkard ! Don't say that, I had only two cocktail parties in my entire life.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

my weird theory

Note : Please don't read this post, if you are a "weak" person, or it will deviate you from your studies.

So, its the test time again ! "Thank God "

Since childhood we have been told to - Study, study hard, get better marks, which will get you a better job and will make your future secure and happy.

Did you read that ? (getting good marks, will get you a better job). Is it so ? I don't think so ! In my college, even if you are a 6 pointer, or a 9.4 pointer, almost all will have the same starting salary and almost the same job
in some "bus companies" , and believe me, such companies are the only hope !

Oh, so you want to go for MS, then go for it. Study hard, get good CG, then study hard for two more years. And be happy. After that you go for MBA, and be happier. And if you do that, you cannot deny the fact that you are greedy for money!

So my theory says :

if :

i) 6 < X < 9,
ii) X != GRE interested, and
iii) X = student of BITS Goa

then, even if X studies a lot, he will land up in some bus company.

(it has been neglected that X wants to go for MBA, but even if he goes, still CG wont matter much)

Friday, October 26, 2007

I quit

Its natural that certain phase comes in your life time to time, it affects you, it changes you and it changes the things around you.

I started smoking last semester. There was no particular reason. I tried it, and I liked it, and so I continued it. It felt so good, so calm and relaxing. It was very rare last sem, but this semester, I fagged almost daily! (with only one, 20 days gap; it has another story) . And mind you, this semester is still not over yet.

I said , this semester is still not over yet, because from now on, I quit. Last night, I fagged my last three cigarettes.

During this phase, there were certain misunderstandings, things around me changed a bit, but it never affected me till yesterday!. Whatever happened , it shouldn't bother you, the important thing is that I quit. And when I say I quit, it means I quit.

This phase ends. It was a short one, it was very different, I wont say it was a bad one, because it brought me closer to someone :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

So .. whts up ?

Hmnnnn ... nothing much, I am fed up with the rashes, scratches, white dots, pus, etc etc on my face. I think a spider must have roamed about and pissed all over my face while I was sleeping ! The doc gave me some antibiotics, tablets to reduce the itching, and a gel to apply, two times daily, but I don't think its working ! I will have to see him again tomorow.

Its irritating, I haven't even wiped up my face properly for so many days now !

And ya, I forgot to mention about my four sweet days ! It was awesome, happy, and unforgettable ! I can't go in much detail here.

By the way, inter hostel event Zephyr is going on in our college, but this time I can't see much enthu among students. No crowds can be seen, no cheering for respective hostels, nothing! It may be probably due to the current electricity crisis we are witnessing in our college.

I took part in many events, and luckily got a second prize in spot sketching; don't dare ask me about the remaining events :) hehehe. Anyways I had fun, was busy for a day after a long long time ;)

Ummmm...thats it !

You say.....whts up ?

Sunday, October 07, 2007

that one moment in life

7th Oct , 8:00 AM . I just got up from bed, and haven't even brushed my teeth yet. I am so happy. This is the day I have been waiting for so long.

The day which I will never forget, not even after I die. This evening is going to be so memorable, fun, and romantic.

It will be perfect.

I have read somewhere, that there is always a moment in ones life, which he never forgets, and even when he turns old, looses all his respect, pride and money, he still smiles recollecting the moment.

For me these four days is going to become the moment which will make my life complete, give me eternal happiness and always keep me smiling.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Truly Madly Deeply....

...and you know what comes next.

I cant think of anything else right now, except one thing. The coming few days, will be one of the best moments of my life.

This feeling cannot be expressed in words. But ya, it surely reflects in my eyes.

I am waiting...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Take Lite :D

for a certain reason (which I can't write down here), I didn't wish to study at all for test one. Although every year its the same story, but this time, even few days before my exams, I didn't get the feel!

I was so lost in my thoughts (again...I can't tell, what thoughts) and was so happy for something , that I took my test 1 lite :)

To be more specific, I will tell you, what exactly does take lite means!

I hadn't attend any classes, except pracs, and was almost unaware of my subjects. And even when only few days were left for my exams, I didn't open my book. I took it lite, watched movies, installed few games, and slept a lot.

When you have no worries, no tension and you are prepared for getting zero marks in every subject, then you are taking it lite :)

DECO Paper : I knew few things, b'cos of pracs; took me 5 mins to spill out what I knew, waited for the attendance sheet to come, signed it, and left the examination hall in 20 mins.

MICRO Paper : Paper was at 4pm, got up at 3 pm, no idea what was there in this subject, opened the first lec slide, read the course objective and then happily went to give the exam; this time 10 mins ;)

EDIC : it went avg, paper was easy, i knew the basic formulas.

OPTI : 3-4 hrs of study, paper was lengthy but easy, went avg.

EMEC : no preparation,10 mins before the exam I memorized one question that was likely to come; it came :) won't get zero.

CONTROL SYSTEM : got one day gap, played pocket tanker a lot, didn't study at all, paper was in the evening, got up at 12 noon, studied for 2-3 hrs, it went sexy, answered all the questions.

(all papers were of one hour duration)

Believe me, its fun, its relaxing, its so much exciting, different, and feel good thing to Take Lite!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

meeting an old friend

It was unexpected. On one fine evening, I got a call from a local landline number. And it was my old good friend Rohit, Delhi.

We met almost after two years! It was fun, little booze on the beach and lots of gossip; and luckily we also enjoyed a good firework show on the beach. A group of young girls and boys were making the sky colourful :)

When I returned back to college, I got myself in some serious trouble, though I managed to get out of it easily :)

Next day, Rohit came to my college, I showed him around, and later that day he boarded his bus back to Mumbai; to continue his "studies" ;)

yo man !!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a chit chat

Oh, wow !! I don't beleive this !! I could never imagine that I am in goa for the past 2 years, and haven't heard about Arambol Beach in Goa. Thanks to dear friend Ashok, and his habit of reading newspapers in detail, especially the small corner articles.

Nooo, he isn't a good reader, he just wants to get back all the money he pays for the newpaper ;)

Oh...so the beach ! and why was I surprised so much ?

Ashok comes to my room this afternoon. And

Ashok : (smiling) read this. (forwarding me few pages of a newspaper)

Me : What's this ? BT ?

Me : (reading the article)

the Top 10 beaches of the World

1.Las Islas Cies, Galicia, Spain

2. Tayrona national park, Colombia

3. Porto da Barra, salvador, Brazil

4. Anywhere on Palawan, the Philippines

5.Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania

6.Arambol, Goa , India



Me : (doesn't read further) What ?? (surprised !!)

Ashok : (Smiling) and we have never heard of this beach!

Me : (still surpirsed and shocked) How come yaar, too much !

Ashok : Think, the world's sixth best beach is in Goa, and we have never heard of that. Shame !

Ankit: (still surprised)

Taatparya : " do saal se Goa mein mara rahe hai hum sab "

Conclusion : " for the last two years, we have been screwing up our lives in Goa"

PS : I know that In the Pic I am not Reading the above mentioned Article :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

new addiction

I shouldn't have asked for an inbuilt web cam in my laptop. Now, I developed one more useless new addiction of clicking my pics.

Hope it doesn't last long.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the best trip

Among all the trips with college friends, the 'trip to Palolem Beach' (during first semester) was the best. It was so good and we had had so much fun!

But still, we never went there again; its too far away from our college.

Whenever I remember that wonderful trip, I watch this video :)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Its sexy

So, here's my story. Long back (second semester), I brought my bro's PC here, and became one of the very few first year students who had PC at that time. Its a trend that students here usually buy a PC only after they complete their first year in the college ! And so, I was happy and proud !

But , my happiness didn't last , not more than a sem. After the semester break when I came back to my college as a second year guy, on the very first day, my comp crashed. I tried everything, but it didn't work. And even the "expert" technicians failed, and asked me to change my motherboard. I gave up. And kept that crap in my room unused for the whole semester, and finally packed it to home.

I was without a PC for almost a year. It was very difficult initially but slowly and as time passed I managed and adjusted to the new life, a life without a PC !

Every time I used to login from my friend's PC , I have to be very sure that , I uncheck the 'remember my password on this computer' box. And to log off while leaving his room. This was difficult, and friends had played with my ID a lot many times. Played in the sense, putting up weird status, chatting flirting with campus girls, etc. And again, I molded myself more; let them play, who cares ! Sometimes I myself enjoyed watching them playing with my account ;)

And then, on 17th Aug 07 (fifth sem) , I ordered my laptop. And after waiting impatiently for 21 days, I got it today. It feels so cool and calm now. A new life has begun. A life in which I can proudly check the box 'remember my password in this computer' and feel safe ;)

Thank you dad and thanx bro :)

so happy :)

I finally got my laptop today. I am so happy. Its so sexy.

A new life begins.

I will write more soon.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The whole DATING thing !

Dating ?? What !! Have you gone nuts ? Hey listen I am not that type of girl/boy who dates. And God! this is India. Dating is not socially acceptable. Or may be not now, I am not ready and I don't like the idea of dating. Blah blah blah..

This is what you will hear generally, when you ask people for a date. But the fact is, almost everyone dates, but they don't want it to give a name. They date , but they don't want to believe the fact that they are dating. They just ignore this part.

Opposite sex attracts, they talk, they meet again, and again, and more frequently. They share a lot, and yet they don't agree that they are dating.

May be its a social taboo (I don't think so) or something. But ya, most of the people are not comfortable with the term 'dating'.

I suggest you, its better to go and date, rather than asking one out for a date. Start dating, without mention 'the word'.

Anyways , I don't need to date, so why bother ? ;)

PS : No personal experiences involved ;)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

RGV ki AAG sucks !

Please do not watch this movie in theater , even if you are getting a free ticket. The movie sucks big time. Even when I am a hardcore Amitabh Bacchan fan, I couldn't bear the movie. RGV proved again that he sucks !

Anyways driving was fun. All wet in the rain, and driving against it.

I m happy today :) Cheers ;)

Friday, August 31, 2007

God !! these Rains

God ! these rains don't let me study. And neither does it let me attend classes. Whenever I get up, usually after 11-12 hrs of sleep, I make my black coffee, open my book, and then...

...and then I start day dreaming. It's so calm, refreshing, romantic and cool to look at the rain and dream, dream good and dream big. It gives me a positive, happy and pleasant feeling, and I enjoy it with my coffee, without caring about my open book lying lonely on my bed. Always the same book and the same page!

Sun, the source of energy, can no longer be seen, and it's always cloudy. These wet clouds , take away all my energy and intoxicate me so much that I can do nothing except dreaming. They take away all my wish to do anything! They make me dull.

Why is that rain takes away all my worri
es, my pain, my fear, my ambitions and makes my mood so happy and calm ?

I enjoy this season the most :)

nice girl pic :) hehehe

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

raksha bandhan

I didn't get my rakhi this year, which made me little sad, but friends are always there to help. Bhamri had one extra rakhi, which he tied that to me, on behalf of my dear sister.

I will protect him now ;)

And here's the video of me and my friends celebrating raksha bandhan!

Monday, August 27, 2007

its so hard to wait

I have ordered a laptop. And still waiting for it. Its really hard to wait. And I am more excited to see how the midnight blue color looks like !

You cannot actually tell whether the color sucks or its cool, unless you see it yourself. Lets see :)

Got this pic from net.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shoki's Bday '06

He is the funniest guy in our group and he is the most sensible and logical guy too.

PS : Don't believe the last two characteristics.

Cheers !

Me and My Frnds Guitar

A video to prove that , I have nothing else to do :)

I know, it sucks. Don't comment.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Be sporty and have Fun

It was 6 O'clock in the evening , and we friends were not sure whether we were going for Uday's treat or not! It was raining heavily.

These days Goa is blessed/cursed by rain , continuous rain. It rains in the morning when I am sleeping, it rains when I have to go for classes and lunch, and it also rains when I have to roam about in the evenings with friends.

Though it sounds good, and ya it is, but not always! I can't dry up my clothes, blankets and bedsheets. Come on sun, show your face at least once !

Anyways, today in our yes or no situation, I decided to go , because no one promised that it won't rain tomorrow. And what's the big deal even if we get wet, it will be fun. Other moody friends agreed too :)

All of us sharing umbrellas and walking in the rain (sounds gay, but can't help, no girls in our group:( ) We divided ourself in groups to ask for lift upto Vasco. (bus stop is far or it seemed to , then)

I and Pranjal waved to an oil tanker. He was kind enough to stop, and save us from heavy rain (poor umbrella was crying). The rain which seemed evil minutes ago was now so good to look through the windscreen with viper dancing (doing same steps) on the english tune coming from the stereo :)

The seats were high (making us proud when we 'looked down' upon others), and it was a a different experience. The kind driver got two young companions (us) on the lonely highway and of course he was enjoying driving in the rain. And probably we would have reminded him of his youth.

Anyways he got company and we got lift. Listening to the song, watching the rain, sitting in an oil tanker and going for a treat. This was what I never expected this evening.

It was fun. And the fun was awesome, because it was all off a sudden.
Sometimes don't think, just do, whatever :)

Friday, August 03, 2007

FAG ??? Don't

Many of you don't know, but I am still reading (started it last semester) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, and have completed just 115 pages out of some one thousand pages !
But still in that few pages, I got something for the smokers !

"I like cigarettes, Miss Taggart. I like to think of fire held in a man's hand. Fire , a dangerous force, tamed at his fingertips. I often wonder about the hours when a man sit alone, watching the smoke of a cigarette, thinking. I wonder what great things have came from such hours. When a man thinks, there is a spot of fire alive in his mind and it is proper that he should have the burning point of a cigarette as his one expression."

Though it inspires, but don't FAG.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Best treat ever

I don't know whether the happiness of meeting my friends or the food I ordered or whatever, but surely the treat is the best treat ever ! This was Adi's and Ashok's birthday treat.

On my table, me, reddy , and soumyadeep (all nonveggi) ordered - A large strong beer, then some starters : fish fry , chicken lolipop (too delicious) . Then 2 chicken soup and one cream of tomato soup.

One more beer, and some wine.

Then got my favourite, chicken pakiza. And also chicken mouglai. And ofcourse few rotis.

Uff..enough !

Maza aa gaya :) And then drove back on bike, on sexy higways and enjoying the sweet drizzles ;)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Short time at home

Got very few days to spend in at home, but it was cool. Got to meet bro, sis, mom and dad, and after almost a year we all were together.

And to raise my spiritual power, we went to Tarapeeth, West Bengal ( Goddess Durga temple). It was a two days trip. Bro was driving all the way making us all scared, but luckily nothing 'wrong' happened ;). And almost all the time it was raining and raining :) . Walked on bare feet for miles, and stayed in queue for 3 hrs to get a chance to touch the feet of the idol.

I prayed and asked something, lets see if I get what I had asked for, and that will prove my "bhakti".

Also went to my grandparent's place. Felt so good there, the mango tree, and the biggest mango I have ever seen, and of course the sweetest one too. And the love and affection I get there,, oh I miss u so much daadi baba !!

And then, today, back to college. Lets see. whats in store for me this sem!

Got these pics clicked in home.

Monday, July 30, 2007

back to clg

Feels good when you are back to your home. Ya my college is my home, for two more years I suppose. Meeting with friends, etc etc.

Train journey was tiring tough !

Anyways got my cg card.








Net cg 6.78

Will write more soon :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Leaving Hyderabad

Finally PS over, and thanks to Abhijeet who made me reach the station in time. (I had almost missed my train).

Any ways , those 50 days were ok types, like a normal holiday in hyderabad! But the last two days were fun. Lots of people came to my uncle's place, including my bro and sis. And lots of gossips , fun , etc.

Unfortunately Hyderabad offers nothing to see, but still we went to some parks, lake , etc. Thats it. PS ended, and hopefully I get an 'A' grade :)

me and my chachi

Me and my uncle in NTR Park

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Guess What ??

I sent this pic to orkut , and guess what ? They said that they will put it up in orkut login page ! Since its the first time somebody is sending a pic, so its ok with them .

Heres the pic, and I know all of them :)

who do u know ?  hmnnn... i know all :)

And so, next time when you login, don't be shocked to see this page !

can you see the password there ;) ?

hehehe .. JUST KIDDING

Sunday, July 01, 2007

elements of life

There are somethings, which we always remember. And it's not always necessary that it's something big, say - your girlfriend's B'day or may be how you proposed her on Valentines day or may be your first day in college or any such BIG things! Sometimes you also remember, small incidents for long or may be forever, and you yourself don't know, what makes them so special!

Yesterday, I was watching Omkara, and I remembered that I had won a bet of Rs. 50 with a friend, on the point that Nassuridin Shah is also there in the movie.

I have almost written all the memorable incidents of my college, which I will never forget (and if I do, I will read my blog). But here are some small ones, which were not so big, but ya I still remember!

Once on dandiya night, me and Pranjal, emptied the vodka bottle, which Ashok had been preserving in his room for long, so that he could drink it that night; and we replaced it with water, that too from wash basin (we were in a hurry). That night he had little doubt, and he came to know somehow, and when we went to his room, he was so angry, he opened the door and threw the bottle down so forcefully, that it broke down into several million pieces! Oh my God, I could have lost my toe !
And next morning he was cool :
me : "gussa toh thik tha...per bhai..pair kat jaati toh...bottle itni zor se pheka, pagal hai kya tu ??!! "
ashok : "mujhe pata tha..tabhi side mein pheka!! hehehe"
But ofcourse he was lying.

When Bhamri shouted at me, and said he will throw all the stuff he was cooking on my face, because I was teasing him in the name of 'the girl' .It was so unexpected. And ofcourse he don't remember this, but I do :)

When I smoked for the first time, with Pranjal, lying on the isolated street in our campus, and facing the sky! It was so cool uncool :)

When 'she' came to me and talked for the first time !

When 'she' (this 'she' is different from the above 'she') sent me a friend request;orkut :)

When 'she' (this 'she' is again different from the above 'she') sent me a friend request;orkut :) I didn't recognize her at first, but ya, now, I know her even better than I know me :) or i think so ! And all the moments which we....... oh leave it , its personal ;)

Little fight with Ashok, because he played notoriously with my orkut account.

I gifted a 5Rs jumping green platic frog with velvet coating to my friend Lokeshwar ! turning the key made it hopp :)

Me , Bhamri , and Jazzy went to the isolated place, just behind to our campus, to see the little pond, which we later came to know was because of sewage water of our campus! The pond was really big !

And, when Kushal, Bhamri and Me, jumped over our campus boundary to go to the river, and how Kushal was unable to climb up the small boundary wall!

I was leaving for home, and I had some beer bottles to throw, I kept it in a polythene bag, and thought I will throw it , once I am outside the campus. I put my my entry in the register at the security gate, took my suitcase, and was on my way to station! And phew, the bottle bag, I left it at the security gate. Fuck!! Ok relax, chill, my name was not printed on that bag, and there were so many people checking out then !!! So .. which bag ?? I don't know, It wasn't mine ! :)

Of course there are many more things, and you remember them at some point or the other, like when you watch Omkara, you remember 'the bet' and when you have an open book test, you remember your friend, who took a different book in the exam, because both were red in color and looked similar! And what more, even he searched for the answers in that book, till he realized that, Oh God..what a shit !

May be these incidents (big/small - pleasant/unpleasant) are the elements of life, who knows !

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My College :)

Things I don't like 'bout my college :

  • Regionalism

  • A.V.K.

  • Mess

  • Taking permission to go out during class working hours even when you don't have any classes(8:00am to 5:00pm)

  • No sweet girls

  • Monopoly of Shops

  • System of PS I

  • Its little far away from nice beaches

Thats all I can think of now !

Things I like :

  • No compulsory attendance

  • No studies

  • Net/DC

  • Friends

  • Single room

  • Clean toilets

  • The campus beauty

  • A.C. class rooms

Hmnnn...I think thats it , if I remember something more, I will update this post.

Now some things, which I wish my college had !!

  • A statue (preferably some lady) on the dome (main building) and fountain coming out of her. Actually whenever (rarely) I go to the class in the morning, I see the dome, and its looks so lonely and khali khali empty, I feel that something is missing !

  • A common swimming pool

  • More parties and dance nights

  • A rough decent freshers party (not the one like we had!)

  • No late night restrictions
  • 99% reservation for pretty girls and 1% for SC,ST,OBC,PH

  • A nice restaurant

  • Water sports in the Zuari River

  • Rope way from basketball court to the hills around the river

  • Some one who can take care of A.V.K.

  • No exams and unnecessary subjects

And now, I think its too much !! But the list is endless, it really is !!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Feel Good : Sensless

open door and the green tree
drizzling not heavy nor little
looking from inside
the cold wind

its cool

colorful curtains
smooth carpets heavy pillows
favorite music all over

its refreshing

tee hanging loose
jeans folded half
reclining and blogging
easy chair and the bed

its dark

thinking smiling and smiling !

i love you i miss you

Use Contacts : If u believe me !

Most of the people don't use contact lenses because they think that they have to remove it every night, put it in the solution and then wear it back the next morning ! And following this daily, is a pain. Better use specs!

Well, what I feel is that, the above "fact" is a myth! (I said I feel, and remember, I am not an eye specialist.) I still don't know, why do they instruct so ! Initially , I too used to follow this old routine of taking it out before sleeping. And ya it was boring and irritating to follow this every night!

But, once I was reading the instructions on the lens solution. It says -

Wash your lenses with the solution. Take care not to ... blah blah blah........and more blah blah.. (all these instructions , so that you finish your bottle soon, and by a new one!) and then soak it for around 4 hrs. Keep it covered.

And then you can wear it for a maximum of 31 days.

It was cool. I tried it. And today its my 25th consecutive day, and I haven't removed my lenses. And it makes no difference. Neither it sticks, nor blur. Neither it hurts, nor itches !!
And guys its so better than specs (specially for those using high power specs).

But ya, for some 'youngsters', wearing specs is a 'fashion' ;) Isn't it ?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

And I still can't decide !

I was waiting for my bus (250) at E.C.I.L. Sometimes I get the bus as soon as I reach there, and sometimes I have to wait long !

I was looking around, when I noticed an old man (65-75) asking for lift. He was standing in front of a bus stop and asking for a lift from each and every bike that passed him. The first thing which came in my mind was , " Look at this guy, he is exploiting his old age, using it as a tool " . But then I pondered , " Is he ? . Even I ask for lifts, even when I can get a bus. If young people can, then why not older ones?"

But the fact that he was at the bus stop was disturbing me.

I kept observing him for a long time. He was showing his hand to all the bikers and scooterist, not to cars (may be less in confidence). None stopped. I thought, " What would have, I done ? Hmnn... I don't know! I really don't know !"

Definitely if he would have been at some other place, I would have given him lift. But an old man standing and asking for lift at a bus stop .. well I don't know !
And I can't even decide it now!

Thats why people say, some situations cannot be analyzed before hand. You have to face it to know your reaction !

10 days of PAIN

I was trying to get internet connection for the last 10 days. First option was to get net through cable (sify, tata or reliance). But all of them asked for installation charges around 1000-1500 buks, plus the monthly rental! That was too much , I needed it only for a month.

Second was to get it through landlines or walky phones, but that too involved high initial cost.

And the last option was to activate GPRS on my phone and get connection from idea. This worked , but hey , this was not easy !!

IDEA - They have no idea !

The idea call center sucks big time. They say any bull shit, to end the conversation and cut the line. These fucking people know only one to say..." sir please wait for next 24hrs", and every time ... next 24hrs, next 24hrs !! What the fuck !! 7 days passed but still, I didn't get my GPRS settings.

Finally a less fucked up call center fucker, advised me to go to the idea head office and get the settings done manually. But as I said all are same, the fucker gave me the wrong address.

I went to the head office , and the person loaded the settings in just 5 minutes!

And it was awesome. I couldn't believe that I was using Google in my 3k phone (LG B2050). I also checked my mail, opened my blog (though it didn't open up properly, because of less memory in my phone), checked my yahoo mail, sent a mail, and surfed some mobile compatible sites.

Finally it felt good, very good ! I was excited :)

Problem with the Data Cable

I bought one USB Data cable (with instalation CD), but it didn't work ! The drivers and modem were for serial port Data Cable. No return !

Next day, I bought a Serial Data Cable (with driver and modem CD). It has all the phone drivers and modem except for the serial port cable! Luckily I had the previous CD, which has the required drivers and modem. And after playing too much with the settings and all, I finally connected it to my PC!

I also got the USB data cable drivers and modem, but then I realized that the USB cable is loose, and so it won't work!

Finally I have net connection in my home. Though its slow (115.2 Kbps) and Google talk gets disconnected every now and then, but I am happy, because last night I had lost all hopes, and now this fine morning, I did it !

Thursday, June 14, 2007

peeth dard ??

Remember the advertisement of iodex ??

A man is walking in the park. He notices a 500 Rs. note lying on the ground. He looks around, and there is no one there. He keeps looking at the note, but doesn't try to pick it up. And after some time he leaves the place.

And then a message appears - Peeth Dard ?? And below it an iodex bottle is displayed !

Well just before coming to this cyber cafe, I noticed a folded 100Rs. note crying on the street, I felt pity, picked it up and kept it in my pocket safely.

Luckily I don't have 'peeth dard' ! (back pain)

Hows the intern goin ?

Its good now. I bunk often, because our instructor seldom comes. And the new timinga are from 9:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. so its even better !! I reach there around 9:40 and leave at 12:30 because 1 to 1:30 is lunch timing.

And that few hours I spend watching some movie or chatting :)

Though there are some formalities like reports, seminar, quiz, diary etc etc, which I can tackle easily :)

So cheers to me !!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

What happens when U sit Idle

If you have nothing to do and you have brain, you think ! You think anything; good , evil, about you, your friends, girlfriends, or others girl friend, or the world, the dog in the street, the bus conductor, the cyber cafe lady, or any arbit person or thing you see. Its good, it keeps you engage.
I am in the same condition, and suddenly a very general question came to my mind - " What type of job do I want to do ? " . I was silent ! I was unable to give the answer. I was blank. I had no idea !
Well this question wasn't that sudden. Actually I was thinking about doing some summer course, because my intern timings were changed to 9:00 to 1:00. , which left me with lots of hour to spend on something I wish.
And that made me think, what course should I join in ? Some language ? but I am not interested in software
Flash ? but I am not sure that I want to go in advertisement ! Then what should I do ?
Still Thinking ! Will let you know my 'final' choice !

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday & Travel

I traveled about 100 kms to see my sis. in Bidar ! She introduced me to her friends, offered me lunch in a restaurant; the restaurant sucked, and she said its one of the best in Bidar (I don't believe).

Then we went to see her college. It was good, though not as good and big as mine, but it was good, and had all the necessary things for it being an engineering college !

Later we went to watch the newly realized Fool N Final. It was an average time pass movie; it was the only choice for us, because no other hindi movie, and no other places of interest to see in Bidar!

sis and me (of course not in bidar)

Still I had few hours left, so we thought of little ride in the city. Her friend has a bike. We took it from him, but within one minute of our bike ride, it started raining ! I continued , hoping the rain would stop, but God had some other plans. I was half wet (or I say half dry ? )

We were waiting under the shade for the rain to stop ! But oh my God ! Lightening occurred and it started raining more ! We had no option left, but to ride back home, in the rain. And once you are determined and know that you have to face the situation, you actually enjoy facing it. And so did we !

I opened my shirt (had a sleeveless inside :) and folded it and kept it undercover. And then Phew !! We were driving in rain. The road had turned into swimming pools. We were smiling and laughing :)

Finally it stopped, I went to her hostel, saw her room, met her friends , took her computer and then left for hyderabad (another 100 kms back)! Reached at 12:30 A.M. and someone was very angry and worried about me, because of such late night outs ;) So sweet :)

PS: It was not easy, 8 hrs bus journey, and when I reached home, the door was locked, and nobody was picking up the phone. I called for about 20 minutes, and then uncle woke up and opened the door :)

All alone in dis city

kush raho vatsa


Had nothing to do, these days !! Getting too bored, so remembering my childhood days :)

Papa and me

bro and me

thats me

again thats me !

Banana Chips

A little confusion can sometimes make you laugh :) My little cousin (8 years old) Palak , was unable to understand the name of the company in which I am doing my PS. When I was talking to my uncle and aunt, he was sitting and listening carefully. I said its KLR Industries Pvt. Ltd, manufactures rigs, drilling bits, etc etc.

One day, he said to his friend , " Mere bhaiya KELA banane waali industry mein kaam karte hai !! " and then he said to his mom, " Mummy , unse kaho na, ki laute waqt wo banana chips le aaye ! "

When I returned from my 'work', chachi narrated me this incident, and I couldn't stop laughing :)
And Palak hid his face with his hands, and ran to other room :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Day 4,5,6........ : PS

Finally got the habit of getting up early and leave for 'work'. Though I am always the last to reach my PS and the first to leave !
We have got our projects, our group (EEE) have to make an electrical layout of the entire organisation, electrical consumption, efficiency, and every thing related to electrical ! And we have started working on it.
Since this project won't take much time, so we are very slow in doing our work, just half or one hour work in entire day. Rest of the time, sitting under A.C. reading comics or watching movie (laptop).
We are not doing it fast, because if we complete it soon, we fear that the guy will give us another project. So better be slow !
Having fun ! and 'working hard' !! And ya , we had some tests too ! They keep checking whether we are serious or not ! Hehehe :)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 3 : Funday

Today, the morning was cloudy and windy.

I reached my PS at 9:30 entered 9:00 a.m. in the register. Did nothing and left at 12:00 noon :) (and entered 5:00 p.m.)

Weather was cool, and I decided to roam around rather than going to home and watch TV. I was alone, rest all mates left for home and some stayed back in the company. Doesn't matter, I reached Prashant Mall (IMAX). I had never seen a movie in IMAX before, just heard that the screen is quite big ! And ya it was, almost 4 times as big as the one in PVR or INOX !

It was some 3D movie, Deep Sea. Nice experience ! But ya, 150 bucks fucked up for just tiny 45 minutes of entertainment !

And then I witnessed little rain in this city, walked all alone in the footpath, with a busy running traffic on one side and a large, beautiful, still river on the other! It felt good ! Tried connecting myself to my soul :)

And about the mall, it was small and the crowd was of low grade. You know what I mean ! No nice girls, not a single one ! Not even nice dresses ;)

And I walked a lot today, even more than Mahatma Gandhi !
Day three was infact a 'Funday', and weather played an important role :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 2 : Waiting & Waiting & again Waiting

I was standing near the bus stop. My wrist watch showed 8:01 (morning; that I figured out because of the burning and bright sunshine !)

I kept waiting , and waiting and waiting, till the bus no. 18R finally arrived at 8:45 !

I have to change three buses to reach my PS Station and it takes an hour, to reach there , from my place, only if I get the buses on time. And my 'respected' instructor says , " Be here at 9 O'clock sharp, or better be here at 8:50 ! "

I reached there at 9:50, entered 9:10 in the entry register, but then checked that the above entry is of 9:25 , so changed mine to 9:30. Any ways leaving all this bullshit, I knew that it doesn't matter, because all you have to do, is to go and sit in your room and again 'wait' for your wrist watch to show 5:30 ! (P.M. ofcourse!)

PS : Neither the Instructor, nor the student instructor came, and we left the company after lunch :) And again I had to 'wait' for an hour, to get the bus no 250C, to reach back home!

Friday, May 25, 2007

1st Day : PS

KLR Industries Pvt. Ltd.
I was supposed to join the company on 24th may, but I joined today (25th), so already one absent has been marked.

I reached hyderabad today, and I got the news that, I have to report to my PS Instructor immediately. And I did so.

A small library, with a name sake A.C. and all of us sitting there idle for most of the time. Then a small trip in the company, with some incharge describing the offices, workshops, machines, and the working of the company.

It was same as the first day of our workshop practices (1st year), where we are introduced to various machines one by one. Now you can imagine how boring it would have been ! Though the machines were 100 time bigger and advanced.

It was boring and after all its not concerned to my department. ( EEE)
Lets hope I get some branch related project after a week !

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back Home

me : " mummy, look at me , can you see any change ? "
mom (observing) : " nah.."
me : " mom...look carefully "
mom : " hmnnn....long hairs ? "
me : " no "
mom : " 'kada', in your hand ? "
me : " no "
mom : " patla ho gaya hai ! "
me : " no "
mom : " then I dont know ! "
me : " arrey...think...its so ob....ok I will tell....didn't you notice that I am without my specs !! "
mom (surprising) : " oh..ya...aakhein (eyes) thik ho gaye ??? "
me (more surprising): " what ??? how can you think so ?? arrey..I am using contacts "
mom : " Oh, I thought YOGA, helped you "
me : " hehehehehehhehe...hadd hoti hai !!!! "

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pom: i hv studied B4

Principles of Management !!

Sounds so interesting, and the book too is interesting, but it doesn't interest you if you have to give a subjective paper of 90 marks the next day.

I have my POM exam tomorrow and now I feel that all the logics, fundas, manager's role, planning, principles and all blah blah are total/complete bullshit. These are the things you learn yourself, rather than reading a book by Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coultler.

Its not the first time I am studying POM. I remember, before coming to BITS Goa for admission, I was with my brother in IIT Madras. One day he had an special class of Management, and he asked me too attend it too !! (rather than sitting in his room and getting bored ).

Since it was a special class, and the Proff. was unfamiliar with the students, I thought he won't come to know that I am not an IITian. I attended the lecture and I was right, she didn't notice that I didn't raise my hand even once, while she was taking the attendance !

Sitting on the second bench, I was wondering how BITS Goa would be !! Didn't listen to her then, and now I am " suffering " : heheheeh :)

Lets see, what all blunders and my own fundas I spit out tomorrow !


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mummy Mummy

Missing my mom , but soon I will be back home :)

love you miss you

Original idea copied from Amrit Vatsa (my bro) and its my mom and my bor in the pic, i wasnt born den :)


on being a teacher

I read this article in my annual college magazine. And it was the only article worth reading (comparatively)!

Dr. Nishighandha Bhuyan tells about her past, how her teacher inspired her (more than her parents) to get into IIT and then ISB and Wharton School.

But now, when she is a teacher herself she isn't 'all happy'.

"Now I keep wondering about my role as a teacher."

"I experience pleasant and unpleasant feelings in the classroom and outside. I do develop good rapport with some of them and draw their empathy and reciprocate the same. I do dislike some students , who trigger unpleasant feeling both in the classroom and outside."

"Apart from classroom interaction, there are many other unpleasant experiences which have turned around my experience and belief that how important a teacher can be in the life of student."

"Believe me, it hurt a teacher when an unpleasant feeling is prompted in teacher day message competition banner that goes out of campus."

"It hurts when teacher are called in the names of dogs and cats. These apart, other feeling are generated by the over all environment , which sometimes provokes anger and frustration about the job and entire role of teacher in society."

"However, I continue in this profession with all my doubts, " do the kids like me? Am I a good teacher? Should I continue being a teacher ?" "

Its really thought provoking ! Hope you don't pass comments on your teachers, or call them in the names of dogs and cat; at least avoid doing it, in front of them!


A page from my COMICS

When I was too young, may be in 5th standard or so, I made one comics during my summer vacation. It is a 30 page comics. Its about a brother and a sister and how they take revenge over their father's murder.
Here is the first page from thecomics.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Another End (little sad)

I can see a little hope that my CGPA will be above 7 soon. So its fine and I am happy, though I have some mixed feelings at present.

Two years have passed and I have made some of my best friends here. I can't imagine myself studying here without them. We all used to hang out together, play together, laugh together, talk together, gossip together and live together!

Of course this is not the case now, time changes and so does the things around. Priorities change, thinkings change. But life has to go.

And we are still in same college, I wonder what would happen when we pass out !! :(

A : " Kitni khoobsurat jagah hai !! "

B : " Hmnnnn....Its beautiful !"

A: " You know what, humein har saal, kam se kam, ek hafte ke liye Goa aana chahiye. "

B: "Defienetly yaar. Kiyon C ? "


B : " Kya soch raha hai yaar ? "

C : " Dekh raha hun wo jahaz , jo zara der baat dikhayee nahi dega. Jaante ho , hum teeno us jahaz ki tarah hai, jo aaj nahi to kal apni manzilon ko dhoondte hue nikalenge, aur ho sakta hai ki hamari manzilen alaga alag ho !

B: " Tu ye sab kiyon keh raha hai meri samajh mein nahi aa raha hai !! hum sab dost hai C .....Zindgai bhar ke liye !

C: "Ofcourse hain, lekin kiski zindagi kise kahan le jaati hai kya pata ! Kabhi socha hai...shayad har saal yahan aana to ek taraf, 10 saal mein ek baar bhi milna mushkil hoga

A : " Aisa kuch nahi hoga C, hum dost the, hain, rahenge , hamesha "

Love You !

Friday, April 27, 2007

thandi hawa !!

Nah...not the natural one ! I am talking bout the AC, which has been installed in the room next to mine. (our LAN hub is kept there).

I enjoyed there, with my friends for some time(all holding books, but gossiping), as the room was not locked during the day. But unfortunately there was a powercut for more than 4 hrs, and we had to leave.

And now when I woke up at(11 P.M), I saw the room locked. No more 'thandi hawa' :(

I can hear the buzz sound now, (automatic on/off) and can imagine how good will it be if I break into and spend the night there; sleeping :)

Who has the key ?? :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

me n mah coffee

Dark Days ahead And I will be high on coffee

I started drinking black coffee when I was in 9th grade. (Got this 'inspiration' from my brother)

Earlier I used to drink it because my Brother did, and also to keep my eyes open while studying !

It tasted too bad in the begining , but after few months, I developed little taste for it. And slowly and slowly I sarted liking it ! Its so pure, just water and coffee, no sugar , no milk !

And now, I like it even more than normal coffee/tea, and I consume to0 much of it; mostly during exams. I simply love taking the sip again and again form my mug. Can't read a book, without having my coffee beside me. Almost addicted :)
Pappu and Panda do join me sometimes :)

a mug of hot water + one tablespoon of Nescafe matinal = my life saving drug