Sunday, July 06, 2014

How to decide on best wedding photographer India? A way out?

Given that I have been into wedding photography myself, I do sometimes wonder who are the top players in this area. My work can be seen on and to see everyone else's work you just need to Google for best wedding photographer India and a lot of websites will show up! But is that good enough? Why can't we have a Wikipedia article which can state the answer in an objective fashion?

Best wedding photographer India

The above picture was taken a day before my wedding. I think it is a pretty good photograph. How would anyone else have taken it better? What makes some photographer's work good and some better than that? These are difficult to answer. I am looking forward to Vatsap to draw a Shitoon about how every photographer says he or she is the best wedding photographer that is out there! Till then I think people will just go by their instincts and by going through the first or second page results of whatever Google shows. There simply is not other way to tell!