Monday, May 28, 2007

Day 3 : Funday

Today, the morning was cloudy and windy.

I reached my PS at 9:30 entered 9:00 a.m. in the register. Did nothing and left at 12:00 noon :) (and entered 5:00 p.m.)

Weather was cool, and I decided to roam around rather than going to home and watch TV. I was alone, rest all mates left for home and some stayed back in the company. Doesn't matter, I reached Prashant Mall (IMAX). I had never seen a movie in IMAX before, just heard that the screen is quite big ! And ya it was, almost 4 times as big as the one in PVR or INOX !

It was some 3D movie, Deep Sea. Nice experience ! But ya, 150 bucks fucked up for just tiny 45 minutes of entertainment !

And then I witnessed little rain in this city, walked all alone in the footpath, with a busy running traffic on one side and a large, beautiful, still river on the other! It felt good ! Tried connecting myself to my soul :)

And about the mall, it was small and the crowd was of low grade. You know what I mean ! No nice girls, not a single one ! Not even nice dresses ;)

And I walked a lot today, even more than Mahatma Gandhi !
Day three was infact a 'Funday', and weather played an important role :)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Day 2 : Waiting & Waiting & again Waiting

I was standing near the bus stop. My wrist watch showed 8:01 (morning; that I figured out because of the burning and bright sunshine !)

I kept waiting , and waiting and waiting, till the bus no. 18R finally arrived at 8:45 !

I have to change three buses to reach my PS Station and it takes an hour, to reach there , from my place, only if I get the buses on time. And my 'respected' instructor says , " Be here at 9 O'clock sharp, or better be here at 8:50 ! "

I reached there at 9:50, entered 9:10 in the entry register, but then checked that the above entry is of 9:25 , so changed mine to 9:30. Any ways leaving all this bullshit, I knew that it doesn't matter, because all you have to do, is to go and sit in your room and again 'wait' for your wrist watch to show 5:30 ! (P.M. ofcourse!)

PS : Neither the Instructor, nor the student instructor came, and we left the company after lunch :) And again I had to 'wait' for an hour, to get the bus no 250C, to reach back home!

Friday, May 25, 2007

1st Day : PS

KLR Industries Pvt. Ltd.
I was supposed to join the company on 24th may, but I joined today (25th), so already one absent has been marked.

I reached hyderabad today, and I got the news that, I have to report to my PS Instructor immediately. And I did so.

A small library, with a name sake A.C. and all of us sitting there idle for most of the time. Then a small trip in the company, with some incharge describing the offices, workshops, machines, and the working of the company.

It was same as the first day of our workshop practices (1st year), where we are introduced to various machines one by one. Now you can imagine how boring it would have been ! Though the machines were 100 time bigger and advanced.

It was boring and after all its not concerned to my department. ( EEE)
Lets hope I get some branch related project after a week !

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Back Home

me : " mummy, look at me , can you see any change ? "
mom (observing) : " nah.."
me : " mom...look carefully "
mom : " hmnnn....long hairs ? "
me : " no "
mom : " 'kada', in your hand ? "
me : " no "
mom : " patla ho gaya hai ! "
me : " no "
mom : " then I dont know ! "
me : " arrey...think...its so ob....ok I will tell....didn't you notice that I am without my specs !! "
mom (surprising) : " oh..ya...aakhein (eyes) thik ho gaye ??? "
me (more surprising): " what ??? how can you think so ?? arrey..I am using contacts "
mom : " Oh, I thought YOGA, helped you "
me : " hehehehehehhehe...hadd hoti hai !!!! "

Friday, May 11, 2007

Pom: i hv studied B4

Principles of Management !!

Sounds so interesting, and the book too is interesting, but it doesn't interest you if you have to give a subjective paper of 90 marks the next day.

I have my POM exam tomorrow and now I feel that all the logics, fundas, manager's role, planning, principles and all blah blah are total/complete bullshit. These are the things you learn yourself, rather than reading a book by Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coultler.

Its not the first time I am studying POM. I remember, before coming to BITS Goa for admission, I was with my brother in IIT Madras. One day he had an special class of Management, and he asked me too attend it too !! (rather than sitting in his room and getting bored ).

Since it was a special class, and the Proff. was unfamiliar with the students, I thought he won't come to know that I am not an IITian. I attended the lecture and I was right, she didn't notice that I didn't raise my hand even once, while she was taking the attendance !

Sitting on the second bench, I was wondering how BITS Goa would be !! Didn't listen to her then, and now I am " suffering " : heheheeh :)

Lets see, what all blunders and my own fundas I spit out tomorrow !


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mummy Mummy

Missing my mom , but soon I will be back home :)

love you miss you

Original idea copied from Amrit Vatsa (my bro) and its my mom and my bor in the pic, i wasnt born den :)


on being a teacher

I read this article in my annual college magazine. And it was the only article worth reading (comparatively)!

Dr. Nishighandha Bhuyan tells about her past, how her teacher inspired her (more than her parents) to get into IIT and then ISB and Wharton School.

But now, when she is a teacher herself she isn't 'all happy'.

"Now I keep wondering about my role as a teacher."

"I experience pleasant and unpleasant feelings in the classroom and outside. I do develop good rapport with some of them and draw their empathy and reciprocate the same. I do dislike some students , who trigger unpleasant feeling both in the classroom and outside."

"Apart from classroom interaction, there are many other unpleasant experiences which have turned around my experience and belief that how important a teacher can be in the life of student."

"Believe me, it hurt a teacher when an unpleasant feeling is prompted in teacher day message competition banner that goes out of campus."

"It hurts when teacher are called in the names of dogs and cats. These apart, other feeling are generated by the over all environment , which sometimes provokes anger and frustration about the job and entire role of teacher in society."

"However, I continue in this profession with all my doubts, " do the kids like me? Am I a good teacher? Should I continue being a teacher ?" "

Its really thought provoking ! Hope you don't pass comments on your teachers, or call them in the names of dogs and cat; at least avoid doing it, in front of them!


A page from my COMICS

When I was too young, may be in 5th standard or so, I made one comics during my summer vacation. It is a 30 page comics. Its about a brother and a sister and how they take revenge over their father's murder.
Here is the first page from thecomics.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Another End (little sad)

I can see a little hope that my CGPA will be above 7 soon. So its fine and I am happy, though I have some mixed feelings at present.

Two years have passed and I have made some of my best friends here. I can't imagine myself studying here without them. We all used to hang out together, play together, laugh together, talk together, gossip together and live together!

Of course this is not the case now, time changes and so does the things around. Priorities change, thinkings change. But life has to go.

And we are still in same college, I wonder what would happen when we pass out !! :(

A : " Kitni khoobsurat jagah hai !! "

B : " Hmnnnn....Its beautiful !"

A: " You know what, humein har saal, kam se kam, ek hafte ke liye Goa aana chahiye. "

B: "Defienetly yaar. Kiyon C ? "


B : " Kya soch raha hai yaar ? "

C : " Dekh raha hun wo jahaz , jo zara der baat dikhayee nahi dega. Jaante ho , hum teeno us jahaz ki tarah hai, jo aaj nahi to kal apni manzilon ko dhoondte hue nikalenge, aur ho sakta hai ki hamari manzilen alaga alag ho !

B: " Tu ye sab kiyon keh raha hai meri samajh mein nahi aa raha hai !! hum sab dost hai C .....Zindgai bhar ke liye !

C: "Ofcourse hain, lekin kiski zindagi kise kahan le jaati hai kya pata ! Kabhi socha hai...shayad har saal yahan aana to ek taraf, 10 saal mein ek baar bhi milna mushkil hoga

A : " Aisa kuch nahi hoga C, hum dost the, hain, rahenge , hamesha "

Love You !