Thursday, November 29, 2007


Telephone operated remote control using PIC16F84A microcontroller

I successfully completed this project under my COP course this semester.

The project deals with the programming of PIC 16F84A so that it could be used in the circuit to control relays using telephone. Also the hardware implementation is done to make it a proper working circuit.

This design controls up to 8 devices using a PIC microcontroller (PIC16F84A) connected to the phone line. The unique feature here is that unlike other telephone line based remote control, this device does not need the call to be answered at the remote end so the call will not be charged. This device depends on number of rings given on the telephone line to activate/deactivate devices.

Once the PIC is programmed and is connected to the circuit, we can actually control the appliances by just giving certain number of rings on telephone to which it is attached. Its like a universal remoter control, and you can control appliances or any other circuit from anywhere in the world !

Note : It required 16F84A microcontroller, MCT2E optocoupler, NE555 timer, 7805C regulator IC, some resistors, capacitors, transistors, crystal (4MH0z), DIP Switch, relays and diodes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I needed to write in something, I don't know what ! May be I should write about Mittal's concept that most of the girls name end with an "a" or an "i" or may be about the things going in my head, while having my breakfast this morning. It was like, to search for some real reasons we are here (earth) for, rather than regular human life of growing up, earning, getting married, having few kids, and then dying.

Or may be I should write about how much I miss her , and want to be with her. I don't know what to write. I really don't know.

Well , one thing for sure , that I have to write exams pretty soon, so I better study. But again , there's a big question - why should one study ?

Monday, November 12, 2007

i louve tequila :)

This diwali vacation was too much fun !

I will continue from my last post. After burning crackers, I went to my friend's room, had two sips of vodka, and started watching some movie. I myself don't remember when did I sleep that night.

And the next two days were already planned.

The Escape

Bhamri, Dhruv and I didn't take permission to stay out of the campus during night. But it was planned that we had to go out, and join Uday, Pranjal, Ashok, Soumyadeep and Don, who were already staying near baga beach. They had the permission and had left the campus on diwali evening itself.

We are not one of those who don't stick to their plans ! ;) We decided to jump, jump out of the boundary wall, the "risky" and "dangerous" boundary walls of BPGC. :) No, really, the boundaries are difficult and some where impossible to cross. But ya, there are always some weak points. And luckily we knew it, or almost everyone of this campus knows!

We jumped out during broad day light, with no fear, no worries and no guilt. After all we are third yearites now.

It was fun, and dhruv enjoyed it the most :)

The Bike

Earlier it was decided that we will hire an open jeep, but it was dropped because we wouldn't have utilized it fully. And I was bored of driving pulsar every time, so this time I tried something new and cool. Can you see it in the pic ? ;)

Though it was difficult to drive, not because its heavy but because its system is exactly opposite (leg brake is on left side) and also the front hand brake didn't work. But it was fun riding this. The sound was ultimate...dhad dhad dhad dhad dhad...I didn't have to blow horn, people themselves gave way by hearing the sound ! And you can feel its power while driving uphill. Instead of slowing down, it picked up while ascending the hill :)

The Pub

Baga beach area is the most happening place of Goa. Calangute beach, baga beach, wagator, aguada fort, discos (titos, mambos, etc ) and everything you can think of, are just about 10 mins distance from the place !

We had booked one room. We got all dressed up, applied all kind of lotions and face packs, and headed toward Titos (the famous disco of Goa). And ya, before that, in the evening, we enjoyed the ocean bath at calangoote.

No stag entry, only couples or single girls allowed in both Titos and Mambo. There was a huge crowd, so many boys waiting for girls, lot many foreigners, couples and single men waiting for single girls to get in. You got the idea .. right ?

I was not interested in going to disco. All I wanted was to get drunk. And it was too difficult to get in. I rather preferred to get into a pub and so did soumyadeep. After seeing the crowd near Titos, me and soumya went to the pub ( a 24 hr food court included that pub).

Pranjal and Ashok got inside the disc, with the help of some sexy foreigners. Rest all joined us in the pub after a while

The pub was sexy, with good music, the long pillows, and cocktails . The atmosphere was awesome. I enjoyed with few beer bottles, fags, and tequila shots. Soumyadeep and Don ordered few cocktails (long island ice tea, screw driver, blue lagoon, margarita, pinacolada) , rest all breezers and fast food.

It was awesome :)

CCD was very close by to that pub, so we also checked in there :)

The beach

Remember ... the world's 6th best beach I mentioned about ? The Arambol beach. We went there the next morning. The beach was really good with less but quality crowd ;)

We were too tired till then, packed our bags, and returned back.

And we three (the escape heroes) didn't cross the boundary again to get inside the campus. Instead we walked bravely inside through the main gate.

It was a trip to remember !

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I don't remember when did I last celebrate diwali with my family! This diwali I stayed in campus, last diwali I was in banglore and last to last diwali I was in BPGC ;) I don't remember much, but for almost four to five years I am "celebrating" diwali with friends.

Anyways this time it was a bit different. On diwali, I usually sleep during the day, and then at night I see others burning their money and enjoying ! When I was a child , I too enjoyed burning crackers, rockets, etc, but for the last few diwalis I assume that I have grown up and I shouldn't waste money on crackers !

I got up at 8 in the morning. No, not because it was diwali, but because I had an outdoor shooting . Thank God, two of my good friends, Bhamri (acting - one of the five) and Dhruv"T" (videography) were also in the crew.

It was too hot and sunny, good for shooting but nuisance for us. We did shooting on wagator fort, wagator beach, calangoute beach, panjim and then came back to college. Seeing these places I felt little sad and longing (personal reasons :) Anyways , it was a full day trip and it was exhausting and tiring.

Uhh.. it was diwali, and we were not getting the feel of the festive season. Oh..I forgot to mention, while the crew were packing up at inox, me and bhamri sneaked out to buy some crackers. He bought all the big crackers (1000 lari, big rockets that make a lighting pattern when they go up, few bombs, crackles, etc). I was just accompanying him :)

As soon as we reached back to campus, we took a shower, and went to the Laxmi puja. This diwali was of course better than the previous diwalis of campus! At around 10:30 we started burning the crackers.

Our crackers were sexy. I enjoyed a lot, specially the 1000 wali ladi :) After a long, I got one diwali , I will remember for long.


Remember the campus life movie, I was going to make in 3rd semester? Well..., it was never completed ! ;)

And in this semester (5th) I am acting in a college movie titled 'FIVE', and I am one of the five.

Basically it's a normal campus life movie, of five friends (each of them depicting different elements of nature), how they met, and the regular college stuffs.

We have to complete this movie in a very short time - the last few days were hectic. We had taken so many shots in a single day. Anyways its fun, since I have nothing else to do, at least now I got something !

It will take few more weeks to complete the shooting. And then a week for editing and stuffs.
Hope it comes out well ! :)