Sunday, March 18, 2007


I keep thinking about her all the time. Sometimes I love her, sometimes I hate her, but I can’t stop thinking about her. She never leaves me; she has made a permanent place in my mind (if not in my heart).

I don’t know whether its love! Because I have heard, that ‘In love everything seems new, fresh, happy and exciting. You even enjoy the most give up movie and the ugliest face brings a smile on your face.’

But this is not with me, nothing seems right, I am not happy as I used to be, and every single day is painful. I am trying for a long time now, to get out of it, but in vain. She simply rules my mind!

Should I tell her all this? But again what should I say? I myself don’t know what’s this all’ bout! , but then there is something which makes me think of her all the time.

Don’t ask who’s she?! Please!! And don’t make any assumptions, she can be anyone.
But I have to admit she is gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, and attractive.

And may be, not sure, but I wish that someday we date and finally fall for each other.

Oh, I forgot to mention about my birthday! (See…she is still dominating my thoughts). It was nasty and dirty this time. Got some real birthday bumps, eggs on my head, alternate buckets of hot and cold water and chocolate powder all over my face, ears too!!

The cake was too yummy, and the magic candles of course, how can I forget that!

Thank You ‘Dear Friends’, U R D BEST !!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am becoming little crazy these days. It has never happened before.
Suddenly I develop extreme urge for something, and then the very next moment I catch the opposite extreme.

Sometimes I feel that I love everybody and all are so good and nice, and the very next second I hate everyone to the core.

Don't know why ??
This is weird and crazy but I am certainly loving it. One moment you have so much of love for someone, and the second moment you hate her the most. You are happy in the morning, before brushing up your teeth, and then you are angry and sad.

Its really crazy !!
It makes you feel at the top of world, as well as the bottom of the deepest well !

See, I said " Excuse me, I Love You ", to Swati (a successful MTV Roadies participant; guys say that she is famous and a celebrity; she was in our college few days back) only for 100 rupees bet. (sold my self respect ;)

Any ways, just expressed myself (I wanted to express more, but hope you are getting the idea).

I know this post is crazy too, but I can't help.
And I don't care what people think ! Run away, Get lost :)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

PS Fuss

Lot of fuss is going around in the campus regarding the PS1 Stations. At the end of fourth semester, students have to do some fifty days training sort of thing in some company. It’s actually a 5 unit course.

The PS1 list is out and we have to fill our preference order and submit it before 10th march. Generally students prefer companies located in their home town, or some toppers opt out for the best company, and few even choose, keeping in mind that the place is cool enough to spend the summer there!

There are so many companies and places, that people often get confused in deciding priorities. In fact there are 210 PS1 Stations, and one has to fill all of them in the preference form. A tough job! Friends say something; seniors share their own experiences, relatives call you to their places and of course mom and dad wants you to be with them.

So the fuss is all about the priorities, and which PS Station is good? , and what is the cut off for good companies? , and all sort of questions like “my cg is 7.87, will I get Accenture , banglore ?”, “ yaar, my cg is too less, do you think I will get a PS in Delhi ?”

And I am no exception! I too am confused, and not able to stick to one decision. But anyways, it doesn’t matter much. People say, you do it in BARC (Mumbai) or you do it in some maternity hospital in Rampur, it’s the same thing. But of course self esteem and personal satisfaction also plays a role, isn’t it?

But students like me, with an average C.G. (cumulative grade) cannot expect BARC or Accenture or any other big companies. I only wish that I get a PS with my friend (similar C.G.) so that I don’t get bored and can enjoy my PS1.

Monday, March 05, 2007


It was my sem one, when I first had a bike trip in Goa. And now the second one, after a long time! ‘Me , Uday, Pranjal and Panda’

We got the Goa road map from net and decided our route, made a list of things we might need, and made a rough estimate of how much money we should carry. And we hired the bikes, the evening before the trip.

Luckily we got new bikes, one being apache (which had run only 68 kms) and the other being pulsar.

It was still dark when we left our campus. Mornings in Goa are cool these days, so we had our jackets on. Driving, early morning, is really sexy, and Goa is such a place, full of coconut trees and churches, and lakes that add more to the fun. And yeah..goan roads rock !

First site was Three Kings Chape. It’s on a hill with a view of Madgaon on one side and Zuari on the other.

We witnessed the wonderful sunrise from that hill. It was a scenic beauty, just like we draw sun coming out from behind the mountains! We spent some time there, plucked some mangoes (of course the small green ones) and then left for Kaserval Spring.

The spring really sucked, sucked to the core! (remember the Diskit hot water spring sucked too !) I don’t know why they have put it on the map!

The next spot was Dona Paula, which is quite a famous place in Goa.

After clicking some pictures there, we left for Panjim from where we sailed on a ferry to cross the river.

This shortened the way to Agwada Fort.
No, this fort is not the one shown in Dil Chahta Hai.

But of course it's similar to that !
It was a nice view from there. One can spend hours dreaming and looking at the boats, ships,water down in the ocean! Though, we didn’t become thoughtful there, as we had many more places to visit.

Next was Majorda Beach, and then Bagha, Calangute, few more, and finally Wagator beach. All of them run in series and a single straight road connects them all.

The beaches are really beautiful and intoxicating. Once you are there, you never wish to go back!

We did some trekking in Wagator, and then started our return journey.

We didn’t follow the exact route back, but covered Old Goa streets, churches and towers too!

And finally after dinner in Panjim we were back to Vasco, returned the bike, and boarded the local bus which dropped us at Zari and then a kilometer walk to our campus !

That day we drove 278 kms with the maximum speed touching 110km/hr. And my pillion don't know driving, so it was poor ankit who drove all the way, but still he enjoyed a lot, after all driving is his passion ;)

Lets see, when do we plan the third one, and of course I wish that, not only four of us, but all of our group go out together some day :)

the new look

I got new contact lens. Its a nice and sort of new experience to see the world clearly without specs. I had almost forgotten this feeling.

Its really nice and very different and someting new in life ;) And now I can even wear sun glasses :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Sizzling Sands : Annual Magazine

Designed this ; because I had nothing else to do !

Sitting alone,

Watching the rain.
I wonder what could’ve been.
How did we all end up like this?

For all of life’s unanswered questions,
For all its harsh twists and turns,
One thing seems certain.
We can never go back to the way things were.

What is there to do?
There’s nothing left.
No one who matters,
No one who cares.

So I find refuge in solitude.
The raindrops are my only company.
They wash away everyone
Into their warm, dry homes.
And I’m outside,
Looking in.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

WAVES : cultural fest

click here

thank GOD

This was really killing me. Blogspot was blocked for the last few weeks in our college. And I was deprived of my hobby.

And now that its unblocked, I will be regular, and keep bloggin :)